How do i add SATA hard drive to a eide motherboar

  Les53 20:13 22 Feb 2008

i have a ABIt AS8-v motherboard with 2 SATA connections on the motherboard. I am trying to add a 250gb Western digital wd2500jd harddrive to install window vista 64bit. i followed the insruction in the manual to change bios settings but it will not detect the harddrive.
any ideas

  daxian 20:34 22 Feb 2008

hi les53.....
sata drives wont show up in the bios like ide do ...
make sure all bios settings are correct ,then boot from windows disk ....check the mobo manual for instructions in case you need to make a driver disk for a sata drive windows starts to load you will be asked if you need to install drivers for scsi
drives press f6 at this point ...
you will be prompted for the drivers disk when needed

  Les53 20:38 22 Feb 2008

i have only got the drive and no drivers. you are right when i tried to install vista it ask for the drivers. Where can i get the drivers from. the sata drive is ticking according to the web site it could be faulty. have you heard of this before.
Could i add it as a second drive to my existing setup.

  daxian 22:39 22 Feb 2008

hi again ...
the drivers for sata should be on the drivers disk that came with your motherboard (chipset).
if it is working ok then adding it as storage is a possibility...Dave

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:56 22 Feb 2008

Will show up as a SCCSI device in BIOS.

  Les53 16:13 24 Feb 2008

Well i tried everything i colud find on the web, all the ideas have proved negative and i can't get this drive to work or be detected by windows.

i am trying to add it to a windows vista ultimate 64 bit system or i could set up win xp.

if so how can i check the drive is ok.

  Les53 16:16 24 Feb 2008

If i went for the win xp and the floppy drivers at the F6 point ,where do i get the drivers from.
Could i copy from the motherboard cd onto a floppy?

  Les53 16:23 24 Feb 2008

to be honest it looks like a need to get hold of a more uptodate mobo.

i have always wanted to flash a bios.

It wouldn't matter if i killed the board.
Anybody fancy talking me through from start to finish.

  Terry Brown 16:27 24 Feb 2008

There should have been a Motherboard CD/DVD with the MOBO, on that look under drivers and utilities and thee will be an option to create a Floppy disk for Raid drivers.Create this and use when when prompted.

  daxian 16:51 24 Feb 2008

hi again ....
as its an older mobo....check the speed of the controller ,it may only support sata 1 (150)and i think the drive you have will be sata 2 (300).
that may be why its not being detected ,there should be a jumper on the drive to limit it to sata 1 .
or go with a new mobo !!!!

  Les53 18:52 24 Feb 2008

Daxian, you could be right on this one. the jumper is on default 1-2 . which would you think would be the 150 setting. i have searched for hours and can't fing the answer.

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