How do I add items to the toolbar in MS Works?

  hawthorn59 14:31 25 Jan 2009


I want to add the "page setup" command to the toolbar in MS Works Wrod processor, as I use it a lot. I cant find a way to do this. In fact when I searched in help, it just said to click the "more icons" arrow at the end of the toolbar. But its not there.

I remember in the oast being able to drag some icons on and drag or take some off. I think that was in Works. Is this feature no longer available I wonder?


  Sea Urchin 15:44 25 Jan 2009

You are right to remember dragging extra icons on to the toolbar, as this shows (scroll down to Toolbar)

click here

but I think on later versions this is not possible. I have Works 9 and it certainly does not seem to work on that.

Hardly progress :@)

  mgmcc 15:47 25 Jan 2009

It doesn't appear to be possible to alter the icons in the MS Works toolbars. If an application is open in a "Normal" rather than "Maximised" window, such that the full toolbar isn't visible, then there is a "more icons" arrow at the right, but it merely reveals the icons that are lost due to the size of the window; it isn't an option to "customise" the toolbar as you can do in MS Office.

  hawthorn59 18:18 25 Jan 2009

Yes thought that. I definitely remember being able to do it in an older version of Works. Definitely not progress, as you said.


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