how do i add downloads?

  stoned guy 09:08 23 Apr 2005

hi. I learnt my basic html from a free online course which dosnt mention how u add sure its just like adding an image or banner but does anyone no the coding you use to add a download thanks

  Nelmon2k 09:56 23 Apr 2005

To do downloads you just link to what you want to download. For instance if you wanted to download a file called letter.doc you would type <a href="letter.doc">Download The Letter</a> Hope this helps

  stoned guy 11:59 23 Apr 2005

so i can add a download of evrything which i have on my pc?? for instance i could add a msn download . hmm im a bit confused lol, by adding downloads to my site i mean like if u was to download norton av that kind of thing , ah i dnt no i lost it thanks anyway

  Nelmon2k 12:08 23 Apr 2005

I'll try and explain it a bit better. Creating links like that to files will automatically start to download them if they are not in a format that the webpage can interprete. This basically means any files with .exe or .doc etc etc extentions that the browser can not read it will download. i.e this would not work for files with the .html or htm extention

  stoned guy 12:36 23 Apr 2005

ok mate i used <a href="dmlc"> download dmlc </a>
but then when i click on it im just getting the this page cannot be displayed message. man sorry for bugging u but if u dnt mind more help is needed maybe lol. thanks

  Nelmon2k 13:49 23 Apr 2005

what is the actual file your trying to download. I'm not sure what the dmlc is but I think you might be missing off the extention such as .doc or whatever. Also you will need to be in the same directory for the link to work because if you try it when its not it will look for the link in your current directory.

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