How do I add another page?

  Sheila-214876 15:31 16 Jan 2004

Using Dreamweaver MX I have built a website for a friend in France. He has now emailed me with another page he wants to add. How do I do that please. The site is at click here the extra page is in English only at the moment but once I have translated it into French it would mean adding again.

  Taran 16:50 16 Jan 2004

One of the easiest ways is to open the current Dreamweaver web (assuming you still have copies of the original web files, open one of the pages then save it as a different page name. This gives you the original page layout with all hyperlinks to the other pages.

Add a hyperlink to your new page from any others that needf to link to it and upload the site again to the web server it is on.

Make sure you keep a working copy of the site as a backup in the event of something going off the rails.

Once a site gets past a simple half dozen or so pages it becomes worthwhile to look into Dreamweaver templates. Basically, you make a page template that has all the site navigation hyperlinks, overhead banner or logo, footer with copyright statement and so on. Link all the pages in your site to the template then when you want to make any changes, alter the template, apply it to all pages and they all get the same commmon elements contained in your template and the page content is all that differs.

  Forum Editor 17:21 16 Jan 2004

I fancy Le Manoir. Do they have a broadband service there?



  PurplePenny 22:20 16 Jan 2004

It does say that it is a great base for house hunting .....

But how would you keep an eye on all of us without broadband? .... oh ... ah ... yes, I see your point.....


  Sheila-214876 23:26 16 Jan 2004

Thanks Taran. Not sure what you are saying but I will try it one step at a time. FE, when you get there, no TV, no phones, no computers, no nothing. Just enjoy.

  Forum Editor 13:24 17 Jan 2004

Next you'll be telling me there's no mobile network coverage either. And no computers - how do they see their own website then?

Now where's that airline schedule.............

What Taran's saying is that you can save an existing page under another name. A quick way of doing this is to create a new blank page first. Then go to a page that has the elements you want (tables etc.) and select the entire contents. Right click on it and select copy, then go to your blank page and paste the content into it. Now save the blank page to your web with a new name and you have the working basis for your additional page - you'll need to remove the text and/or images of course, but you'll soon sort that out.

Otherwise, and better really, is Taran's suggestion of creating a Dream weaver template, from which you can create new pages at will.

  Sheila-214876 14:08 17 Jan 2004

Thanks FE. By the way the owner has a phone and internet connections. Which brings me nicely to my next question. He rang me yesterday (Friday) to say he now cannot access his site anymore? I have checked around with some friends who have all accessed it with no problems, and obviously you and others on the Forum can as well. I am working through Taran's response - slowly. I have downloaded the site as it is now to my hard disk so if anything goes wrong I can at least put the old one back up again.

  Forum Editor 17:22 17 Jan 2004

Correct me if I'm wrong,but has this happened before? I have a vague recollection of someone having the same problem with their site, but perhaps it was someone else.

I can see the site with no problem - do you knopw if your friend gets an error massage and if so, which one is it?

  Forum Editor 17:22 17 Jan 2004

sounds great, and if it existed I would get one almost hourly.

  Sheila-214876 17:55 17 Jan 2004

FE. will find out and post back.

  Sheila-214876 18:05 18 Jan 2004

Thanks everyone. New page added (not uploaded yet) as I have now got to do the French version which means translating it first. Have also been told to expect some pictures to add. So not worth uploading anything until it is all ready to go.

FE. Haven't had any feedback about an error message yet.

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