How do I access my PC Performance Monitor?

  477vtd 09:09 22 Feb 2009

Hi, Yesterday I downloaded and installed PC Performance Monitor and i received message saying it was installed. It then says "Once installed it will take AT LEAST ONE HOUR for your system to send sufficient information to start showing up on PC Performance Monitor".

I have logged in today but cannot find how to access it. Can someone please tell me what I need to do. Thanks.

  birdface 09:58 22 Feb 2009

Maybe find something here.
click here

  477vtd 10:34 22 Feb 2009

It says it is installed but how can I tell if it is ?

  Sea Urchin 10:59 22 Feb 2009

At the top of that page you have 3 tabs - Tell Me About It, Monitor My PC and FAQ. Click the middle one Monitor My PC and scroll down the page and there are your results.

  477vtd 12:09 22 Feb 2009

Hi Sea Urchin, When I scroll down all the boxes are empty (not working). I presume that it has not downloaded so will I have to download again?

  Sea Urchin 12:17 22 Feb 2009

There have been a number of postings about this - here's one click here

(note the comment at the end of page 2 which seems to be what you are getting). And I have no data on mine either although it's been running for three weeks or more.

  477vtd 13:51 23 Feb 2009

Hi, My PC Performance Monitor is still not working. I now have in my Start Menu "Configure DMS Clarity Tracker". When I click on it a box appears :- DMS Clarity-Tracker Web SetUp. In the box it has 2 options :-
1. Auto Configure Tracker with my Customer ID already filled in.
I pressed the continue box and a message appeared "STOPPINg SERVICES - PLEASE WAIT. then - SAVING CHANGES - PLEASE WAIT. then - STARTING SERVICES - PLEASE WAIT. The DMS Clarity-Tracker Web SetUp box then shuts down. I have left this running for 5 hours but I still have nothing showing in the boxes.
2. Proxy Settings. which asks whether I use a proxy server to access the web. If I tick this it asks for proxy address and post. I have no idea what a proxy server is. Do I tick this box?

  Sea Urchin 14:12 23 Feb 2009
  Sea Urchin 14:15 23 Feb 2009

Posted prematurely

I very much doubt you have a proxy server, so no don't tick the box. This tells you all about proxy servers

click here

  Managing ed 14:57 23 Feb 2009

It takes an hour or two for the Performance Monitor to garner sufficient data to populate the boxes. Here's a detailed walk-through on how to use PC Performance Monitor:

click here&

  477vtd 22:06 26 Feb 2009

Hi. PC Performance Monitor is still not working for me. I have done everything as instructions, and then left my PC running for 2 days but still the boxes are empty. I have uninstalled and then reinstalled but still no different. Has anyone any idea how to get it to work? Thanks.

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