how do i...

  djbenny 10:04 25 Aug 2007

get my site more visitors??

  SANTOS7 10:57 25 Aug 2007

As i and many others do not know what your website looks like or what it is about it would be dificult to offer any advice....

  SANTOS7 11:05 25 Aug 2007

Have just found a link to your site. In simple terms
"YouTube" and other sites like it that are already well established i fear you have no chance........

  djbenny 12:47 25 Aug 2007

i have many sites though; and its not like youtube? :/

it gets rss feeds then displays the content of them feeds and lets the user add feeds and search within them....

one of my other sites is nwithin the top 5 in google for popular searches for what the site is offering yet it still only reaches about 2000 unique visits a month...

  SANTOS7 13:23 25 Aug 2007

Then it is a fair assumption that your sites have nothing out of the ordinary to offer, sorry to be so negative but to gain popularity you need to offer something that people want to watch.
I don't see how it is not like YouTube when it is full of "YOUTUBE" links personaly i think these sites are OLD HAT and are only another reference to how mind numbingly dumb some people are.........

  djbenny 16:57 25 Aug 2007

ok fair p[oint, but if you wanted pictures or whatever you goto the pictre link...

one of my other sites offers something which not many other sites include but thats the one that only gets around 2000 unique a month...i have flyers made up but the postage cost of sending them to places for advertisement is too great .

  SANTOS7 17:56 25 Aug 2007

click here

click here

click here

click here

there is some good info in the links which may help,good luck with your website, hope my commenmts weren't too damning....

  djbenny 20:07 26 Aug 2007

nah its ok, i understand im thinking of ways to improve :)

thanks for the links!

  Forum Editor 01:16 27 Aug 2007

for what the site is offering yet it still only reaches about 2000 unique visits a month..."

Then the problem is with the content. It means that not enough people are using the search term that points to your site. It's not much good being in the top five on Google if only a few hundred people do the search - better to be ranked 20th on a search that's carried out by a million people a month.

Work on making your site attractive to your target audience, don't try to be all things to all people. A really innovative website needs no publicity other than word of mouth - it will rapidly become popular under its own steam. If there are no signs of that happening within six months to a year of launch it's time to abandon the idea, or accept that you're never going to make the big scores in terms of unique visitors.

  djbenny 10:47 27 Aug 2007

ok, but how do i find out what millions of people are searching for?

and also the site is quitre localized for the content it offers as in only the county im living in.

the site is click here if you care to take a look and give me some pointers

the site allows the use of members to add events easily and freely, for people too see...

  Forum Editor 20:35 27 Aug 2007

can benefit from reciprocal linking. Try to contact other sites that offer the same service in other areas, and invite them to swap links with you. That way you'll drive traffic to each other.

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