How do get rid of this message

  charlton200 15:04 27 May 2007

My computer has 2 user mine and my wife's.
My wife gets a message every time she logs on her account that has been coming up for about 10 days. When you click OK it goes away the computer works fine,
The message says-

Aborting-some files are missing ,you need to reinstall application.

She can't remember what has caused this or what program.She would like to be rid of this message. Have you got any ideas how I can get rid of this message for her please.
many thanks.

  rodriguez 15:11 27 May 2007

Without knowing the specific program I can't give detailed instructions but you could try this:

Go to Start, Run type in msconfig and press Enter. When this comes up, go to the Startup tab and there will be a list of programs that start when Windows starts. Untick ones that you think might be related to the program you installed and press Apply then OK. Next time windows starts, you'll get a pop up saying changes have been made using this utility, but just tick the box in it and it won't come up again.

  rodriguez 15:12 27 May 2007

Also things like AVG, Norton, ZoneAlarm and any other antivirus or firewall should be left alone as these still need to come on when Windows starts up.

  Technotiger 15:22 27 May 2007

Hi, run CCleaner, in its opening window without any changes - click here

  Technotiger 15:24 27 May 2007

PS, I meant to add - while in your wife's account.

  missingit 15:44 27 May 2007

Further to 'rodriguez' answer,if you untick one program at a time then restart each time,when you stop getting the error message,that should be the program thats causing the problem.

Tedious I know.

Then you can either uninstall or reinstall the bothersome program.

  charlton200 14:29 28 May 2007

Hi again guys,

I have done what you told me to do and eventually found the item.
Now its not in the add and remove or any other list, but it does come up in the search from the start menu, should i just manually delete or what.
I have done a INTERNET search for it to see what program it is but nothing is produced.

many thanks.

  Technotiger 14:39 28 May 2007

Hi, yes, if you can see it in Search you can delete it from there.

  charlton200 15:04 28 May 2007

I have deleted it from the search I did and I don't get the warning box no more.But...

In the start menu from misconfig it is still there although now unticked which cause the start menu box to come up on restart.
It has not got rid of it in here.
the program is in c/programs/\microsoft\windows\currentversion\run

Why won't it dissapear from the startup menu please.

Thanks for all your advice.

  Terry Brown 15:29 28 May 2007

The chances are that it is still listed in the registry, if you feel confident about looking then from RUN type in REGEDIT, goto Hkey-local_machine, then Software. If the program is listed you can remove it, however be warned, there is no second chance, once it is gone -it is gone for good, and you make a mistake you can stop your computer working at all.

  Guardianangel 15:50 28 May 2007

If the above advice doesn't cover it there's a list here to have a look at: click here

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