How to do full system back up ??

  smy13 10:59 02 Jan 2005

I've been backing up my files and folders for a while now using Nero 6. I now feel I need to do a full back up of my drive (to save all the freebies that people in the forum have pointed me to amongst other things)
when I’ve gone to do a drive back up through windows it does not seem to support my DVD writer, When I try and do it through Nero I get a message warning me it might not be able to verify data as the file system is in use, is this still safe to do?.
I’ve currently got 12.5GB of stuff which would need 3 DVD’s
Any advice would be welcome

  billyliv 11:24 02 Jan 2005

Hi, A really good way for a complete backup is to buy a bigger hard drive ( Maxtor ). Download the Maxtor software ( Max Blast )onto CD. Instal the new drive as Master and your present drive as Slave. Use the Maxtor software. This makes a total and complete copy of everything on your present hard drive onto your new drive. Remove the slave drive, put it away in a safe place. Perfect back up. Cheers, Bill

  JaßîsFaß ˜ 11:30 02 Jan 2005

Here's the advice I had - click here

  Wuggy 19:18 02 Jan 2005

If your HDD is partitioned or you have (or intend to install a second HDD) then your best bet it to make regular 'images' of of your C:drive which can be restored in any emergency. There was a free version of Acronis Trueimage on a PC Advisor cover disk aboyr Spring 2004. I installed it and found it to be first class. It's saved my life (and my data) at least twice since then.
Previous thread has further info click here

  It's Me 20:15 02 Jan 2005

The only really safe way, that I know of, is to get another HDD, internal or external. Then use Norton's Ghost or the Acronis TrueImage to make an image of the whole drive, which is then saved onto the new HDD.
Your present HDD could be partitioned, and the image of the drive put onto a different partition, but if the HDD goes cupput you have still lost everything.

  smy13 23:22 02 Jan 2005

thanks for the advice. I guess I'm going to have to use the money from Santa !! to buy a new hard drive then
cheers all

  Wak 09:52 03 Jan 2005

Hi, If you are going to get another hard drive then I would also suggest that you look at XXCOPY for Win 98/ME or XXCLONE for Win XP.
These are FREE programs from click here which clone your entire C;\ drive on to another hard drive including all system and program files.
I have been using XXCOPY for three years now and no problems (touch wood!)

  smy13 17:17 03 Jan 2005

I was just about to ask about such a program saved me a job Thanks


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