How to do a drop down menu

  holligan 16:46 28 Feb 2004

I cant work it out from the help page


  Taran 17:00 28 Feb 2004

Are you trying to put a drop down menu into a form, would you like a drop down listbox [NetObjects calls them a Go Menu] for people to select different pages on your site or do you want your site navigation buttons to have sub-categories which drop down underneath a main button ?

Drop down menus cover a lot of ground and without knowing which type you would like I can't really say which solution would fit the bill.

  holligan 17:23 28 Feb 2004

i cant work it out, you make it easier cheers taran

  holligan 17:27 28 Feb 2004

the first one to start with

cheers taran

  Taran 18:48 28 Feb 2004

I'll assume that you already have a form on your page. If you don't, add a form area using the Form Area tool.

Using the Form Tools, add a Forms Combo Box to the form area you have on the page.

Click the + sign on the Properties and pop-up screen comes up saying Enter Value.

Type the text you want to appear in the listbox, then type its value which you will get when the form is submitted. It's normally best to put a top selection in that has no value, so you could simply put a dash in where it says Name, another dash where it says Value, then click in the box that says Selected by default. All this does is put a - in the top of your listbox and if someone does not select anything when the form is submitted to you the result will be -

Repeat for as many entries as you want to add. Click the + sign in the Forms Combo Box Properties panel and keep adding Name and Value to fill up the selections you want to add.

You could use these values, just for the sake of argument:

Name: Turfing

Value: Turf

This would mean that someone who selected the Turfing option would include in the submitted form a value of Turf, so you would know they were interested in a Turf job.


Name: Turfing

Value: Turf @ £250

would mean on selecting Turfing in the list of options you would know when the form was submitted that the site visitor was interested in a job for Turf @ £250.

Play with the names and values to be significant to what you want to include.

Having an entry at the top of the list of options that is selected by default means that no selection returns a dash or whatever you decide to use for its value, so you even if someone does not select anything your form will process and you can see if they did or did not want something from the list.

Preview the page to see if you're happy with the results. If not, either change the names and values to suit or just delete the Forms Combo Box from your page and start over.

  holligan 21:13 28 Feb 2004

i cant have a form deleiverd to me as my free space does not support. Not to wastse what you said i can use that some time.

i want a drop down menu to other pages from one page if you no what i mean

sorry i never noticed you said form i thought all drop downs stared with a form iam not used to them buttons yet i only use pic and text the rest i dont have a clue.

i want i page with a drop down to other pages

hope ive made sence proberly not haha

cheers taran


  holligan 21:20 28 Feb 2004

click here

at the bottom go to key topics

cheers taran

  Taran 21:46 28 Feb 2004

Click on the Go Menu icon on the NetObjects toolbar then draw where you want it to be on your page [left click on the page, hold the left mouse button down and drag the Go Menu to the dimensions you want].

Select the link type from the dropdown [Internal, Smart or External]. Internal link is the default and links to a page in your site. You'll see a list of pages in your site at the left of the Go Menu configuration panel, under the Internal Link drop down. Click once on the page you want to add to the Go Menu to select it, then click on the little > arrow in the middle of the control panel, which will make the page you selected appear in the right hand panel. Repeat that for every page you want to add, until you've finished adding as many pages as you like.

Clicking on the pages listed in the right half of the Go Menu configuration panel allows you to move them up or down in your list, using the Move Up and Move Down buttons and if you click in the extreme right hand column you can rename the page link as it will appear in the Go Menu. The target page will remain the same, only the text of the link will change.

Finally, if you click on the Button Format tab on the top of the Go Menu configuration panel you can choose standard text on the Go button, an image for the Go button, or you can choose not to use a Go button at all, in which case as soon as someone selects from the list of pages they will jump to that page without having to click Go.

Hope that helps.

  holligan 12:20 29 Feb 2004

You explain so easy i did it in 2 mins

After i found the go button i never knew it was at the side i was trying in the top bar haha

one more thing

in the links it only came up with the ones i have on buttons at the side. can i use ones were they are inside the site not as buttons just links from page to page ?

ps should i have back on the page to go back to the menu ?

cheers taran

cheers for your time. Do you sleep haha

  holligan 16:27 29 Feb 2004

you have to press the last button to get them

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