How do download the latest radio programme

  mrt1975 11:29 13 Jan 2007

I know this is possible and have heard of streambox vcr... butit looks terribly complicated to use. Does anyone know of better software that is more userfriendly, or where I can download a good version of streambox with good instructions.

Any suggestion would be appreciated

  Stuartli 11:47 13 Jan 2007

What particular radio programmes?

The BBC's website, for instance, has a vast current and archive library of radio programmes.

These can be listened to as required and/or recorded, along with other streamed stations, most likely using Audacity or similar software:

click here

  Stuartli 11:49 13 Jan 2007


If you have a Freeview PCI or stick TV card, there are a wide range of radio programmes on offer, including The Hits, Smash Hits, SmoothFM, BBC Radio 6 and 7 etc.

  dukeboxhero 13:53 13 Jan 2007

How do download the latest radio programme
click here change drop down menu to sterio mix play radio station press rec on audacity

  mrt1975 14:06 13 Jan 2007

thanks guys but I was hoping to copy the programmes without having to play them for thew 1 or 2 hour duriation so audacity is useful but tedious. Any further suggestions I would be very grateful.

Thanks mrt

  vinnyT 14:26 13 Jan 2007

I've used screamer radio for a while and quite like it;

It's easy to use
It's not bloated
It's ad free
It has no spyware
It has a huge database of radio stations
It has a cool peak meter ;)
You can easily record what you're listening to
You can hide it in the system tray
You can play back on multiple soundcards
.. and it's free!

Try it at click here

Unless you don't mind taking a small risk, make sure that you get the latest stable release, and not beta software.

Hope this helps.

  mrt1975 14:29 13 Jan 2007

I will want to export this as mp3 so playing achived programmes won thelp either

  vinnyT 15:37 13 Jan 2007

It saves as mp3.

  hallc 16:17 13 Jan 2007

Hi Vinny

Can you save and transfer to an iPod ????

  vinnyT 13:25 14 Jan 2007

hallc -yes it will save as mp3 (it also makes a good stab at removing ads/chat between the tracks, so you end up with song a, song b, etc) to a dir you tell it to.

You then put the files on your ipod in the normal manner (sorry, don't know this as never used an ipod or itunes).

Hope this helps.

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