How do Dell get quiet PCs now?

  terendak_uk 20:07 27 Sep 2004

Be very grateful for any info. I have bought many at work over the last year, because they're so quiet now!I'm sure other suppliers now do the same. However, I bought parts from Maplin for a new home PC, from scratch...noting that the power supply was stated as emitting less than 32Db. It is still noisier than my work ones. It's a 500w with two fans ( rather over - powered but I was impressed by their claim that it was "quieter" than your std power supply)

  Dorsai 20:16 27 Sep 2004

click here

Have used. Well happy with what i bought.

Now need new AGP card cooler. It's so loud (in conparison).

  terendak_uk 20:32 27 Sep 2004

However, " However, I do believe there is some potential scope for a further noise reduction. The perforated hexagonally shaped openings at the front fan inlet and rear fan outlet on the C6607 case are not the ‘cleanest’ of designs. This type of obstruction to the airflow will certainly not be helping matters and is probably the main cause of the tonal noise that is still audible with the AcoustiFans. A better solution would be a thin wire grille design, similar to the those sometimes found on PSUs (see also the photo of the Zalman PSU later in this feature)."
It's just that ....the noise from the rear grill of the case where the power supply is......thanks for that!

  terendak_uk 20:35 27 Sep 2004

The noise travels up ! I have my own work PC on my desktop, the Dell, and it is so... quiet! No absorption pads etc.

  wee eddie 22:10 27 Sep 2004

In an Office there will be a considerable number of small noises that make up the ambient noise.

As you work in it all the time, your hearing automatically filters this out, as does the hearing of the Engineers working in a ship's engine-room, the relatively low noises coming from the work PCs disappear into this background.

At home there is little or no background noise, your ears are expecting silence and therefor the sounds made by your PC appear more prominent.

  terendak_uk 08:02 28 Sep 2004

just that.....I'm the only one in my office.........I sit here now, at 7.57 with no one else around/ no other sounds , with my base unit two ft from my right ear and I can just about hear it. Ah, well.

  wee eddie 11:24 28 Sep 2004

Possibly a much lower Spec on the Dell

  ventanas 11:35 28 Sep 2004

Recently bought three Dells, and a Dimension 4600 is less than 2ft away. I can't hear it at all. In fact when I first got it I wondered if the fans were broken. I recently had a courtesy call from Dell, so I asked them how they did it. The chap wasn't very forthcoming I'm afraid. Seems its a closely guarded secret, or he didn't know.

  JonnyTub 12:12 28 Sep 2004

I bought a generic 550w psu and it sounded like a plane was taking off under my desk, what i did to resolve this (not recommended for beginners!!) was to purchase two ultra quiet (less than 20db) case fans with variable speed control. I removed the current ones from my psu and replaced, hey presto, i can hear myself think !!! total cost was £15 for psu, £7 each for the fans, so all in all was £29 and believe me it's ultra quiet.

  wee eddie 16:26 28 Sep 2004

The mountings of almost all mechanical products transmit it's vibrations to their mounting block.

This can be transmitted throughout the whole casing, which can then vibrate in sympathy.

Stopping that vibration can reduce transmitted sound.

  terendak_uk 19:02 28 Sep 2004

an acoustic pad for the unit to sit on or internal pads for the side panels? Or both. Be grateful for advice. I've had a look inside my Dell( and several others bought recently and all I can see above the cpu is a copper dissipator, then a fan, all in a plastic cowling. Perhaps the fan is run at a lower speed, the copper and the cowling being very efficient at removing heat? The Dells are from I to 3Ghz

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