how do allow differant users to access all files

  pooperscooper 09:13 03 Nov 2006

Hi, I have 3 differant user accounts on my computer and want to allow exactly the same programs, files, etc to be shared by all....How do I do this...I am running win. xp home ..Thanks

  johnnyrocker 09:32 03 Nov 2006

set up all users with administrator rights?


  pooperscooper 09:39 03 Nov 2006

Hi, all three users has computer administrator next to their names, I have never done this before so I don't know what I am doing here but every time I switch users a complete new desktop comes up, and all the programs that I initially installed with my first name do not show, what I want is for all three user names to have exactly the same access to all programs, all e-mail, all files, just the same as user one???? sorry if this is confusing??

  VoG II 09:42 03 Nov 2006

If they are all to have access to everything the same, why do you need three different users? Why can't they all log on to the same account?

  johnnyrocker 09:45 03 Nov 2006

are all users desktop set up the same? ie classic or compact view?


  pooperscooper 09:51 03 Nov 2006

vog:-it's a long story!! but I really need to try this as an experiment johnny rocker Yes so how do I do this? do I have to put all the programs in manually, for instance I have Microsoft Office, which has word and because my computer originally didn't have word only wordpad I obviously had to go out and buy Office so that I could use Word, but it doesn't show up on the other 2 user names so do I have to install it twice more?

  johnnyrocker 10:05 03 Nov 2006

basically i would think yes, same desktop;- right click start button select properties, in classic view you might find presto all progs appear ( just a long shot)


  FreeCell 14:47 03 Nov 2006

If you want to have other users access programs, such as MS Word, that you have installed on the computer you can do this by adding the program to the "Programs" folder in C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs.

You will find a folder in Documents and Settings with your account name e.g John. If you open this and then open the and then the Start Menu folder in it you will see the folders and programs you have installed in this account and you can copy them to the "all users" folder.

You do not need to install programs again in the different accounts.

IE and Outlook and Outlook Express have settings for each account. In effect each account users has there own version. VoGs suggestion of using one account for this is probably simplest solution to share.


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