How to Disable Laptop Touchpad

  JonnieBoy 20:38 05 Jan 2007

I am using a cordless mouse on my laptop but the touchpad is still working.

How do i disable it.


  Technotiger 20:46 05 Jan 2007

Hi, I am only guessing, but, I would first check in Control Panel under Mouse and/or keyboard to see if either give the option to disable the touchpad.

Failing that, I would check in the BIOS to see if the option to disable is there.

  Boy Zone 20:53 05 Jan 2007

Hi I use an Acer and if you use one of the Function keys this works for me.

  lisa02 20:54 05 Jan 2007

Control Panel, System, Hardware and then click Device Manager and look under "mice and other pointing devices".

Failing that identify the software for it and uninstall it, or remove it from the startup list, by going to start, run and typing msconfig.

That's how I'd try.

  Jim Thing 21:02 05 Jan 2007

Technotiger's solution certainly applies to Acer laptops (or to mine, at least). Under Mouse Properties there's a tab for touchpad setup, and the setup dialog box includes a tickbox marked "Disable internal pointing device if an external USB pointing device is attached."

I imagine most laptops have something similar.

  JonnieBoy 21:17 05 Jan 2007

sorted, many thanks guys.


  Technotiger 21:19 05 Jan 2007

Great - it would help us to help others if you could please say How?

  Technotiger 21:32 05 Jan 2007

Hi, just out of interest, I don't think there is any software for Laptop touchpads - if I am wrong most certainly someone will come here and say so ... that way we all learn :-)

  woodchip 22:01 05 Jan 2007

No they just have drivers

  Technotiger 22:18 05 Jan 2007

Hi, thought so - Cheers

  lisa02 22:22 05 Jan 2007

Thanks for the clarification TT and woodchip.

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