How did Qiwang Registry EAsy get on my PC?

  Paul2008 18:10 07 Oct 2009

Hi Folks
Am running XP Home SP3 with AVG 8.5 and all bits running.
Have just done a scan with SpyBot and it found 8 entries of QiwangC.RegistryEasy. PUPSC.
I don't remember loading his programme and it doesn't appear in the Add/Remove programmes or in the Task Manager.
Any ideas how it got there and how do I remove it.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:42 07 Oct 2009

have you downloaded and installed anything recently?

sometimes malware is packaged within another program if obtained from a dubious source, this is common with screen savers and ring tones.
People download a new ring tone and spyware comes with it.

  Paul2008 19:26 07 Oct 2009

Not that I can remember. Downloading is usually to ny PC then copying to Notebook. This is on notebook, nothing on the PC.
If I can't find the programme, how can I delete it?
Could it have come from an "online" scan?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:35 07 Oct 2009

PUP stands for (Potentially Unwanted Program). It is not necessarily a threat but some registry cleaners can be problematic in cleaning up registry entries. In addition some paid for registry cleaners are just scams.

Yes some online scanners install a small program to be able to run be very careful about which online scanners you use.

"If I can't find the programme, how can I delete it?"

will spybot not get rid of it for you?

or do a system restore back to a date when you knew you had no problems.

  Paul2008 08:59 08 Oct 2009

Appreciate your help!
Last few question.
1. With something like AVG (good reputation?) running, how does this sort of programme, from what I have to assume is a reliable source, gets installed on my system?
2. Does e.g. Spybot actually get rid of it because when I was in France in the summer I collected 8 Trojans on hotel wireless networks which Spybot said it would remove and then 3 days later my system locked on the Welcome screen - new installation.
3. If I pick up malware/trojan is the problem resolved just by a system restore?
4. Do you think I should look at other programmes to try and keep my system clean?
At the moment I use AVG 8.5.420 and regular scans with Spybot and AdAware. Same config on notebook.
What about Avira, Zone Alarrm etc?
P.S. I do appreciate that nothing is 100%.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:53 08 Oct 2009

1 Any AV will miss things sometimes untill its data base is updated.

2 I stopped using Spybot an few years ago and now use SuperAntispyware and Malwarebytes free as they are currently IMHO the best 2 (free) antimalware progs.

3. No, but in you case the problem was in the registry any way which is discarded for an older version of the registry.

4. see 2 AVG or Avast are the two best free Antivirus progs, Avira is also consider to be good.
Zone Alarm is a firewall (Maybe the new one has Av aswell will need to check). I think you do need a software Firewall as well as the hardwre firewall in the router, Vista firewall is OK.

  Paul2008 11:26 08 Oct 2009

1. OK.
2. OK.
3. OK.
4. OK. Forgot that I am using Sygate 5.6 but this I think was bought my Symantic and as far as I know hasn't had an update since 2004.
Would you recommend something else here?
Am with XP Home.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:32 08 Oct 2009

4 No I'm also using Sygate

Defender (realtime antispyware)
Superantispyware Malwaebyte backup checkers (weekly)
Commonsense! (not downloadable ;0))

I've not had a problem on this machine since I had it 4 1/2 years ago

  Paul2008 11:47 08 Oct 2009

OK. That all sounds like something to try.
Much appreciate your help/advice, Fruit Bat.
Seems like a lot to run at the same time.
Do you get any conflicts?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:52 08 Oct 2009

Sygate AVAst and defender are running

Spyware blaster doesn't run all the time you run it, update it, enable protection and shut it down, it blocks you from going to certain sites by putting entries in the registry.

SuperAntispy and Malware bytes are run (separately) weekly to check Defender has let nothing through (paranoia).

Never had any conflicts

  Paul2008 13:57 08 Oct 2009

again, appreciate your help/advice.
Will close here and put a tick in the resolved box.

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