How did this happen?

  jack 19:55 09 Oct 2006

A computer a mate has discarded and passed to me- I cleaned-up[took out all reference to previous owner that I could find] and passed it on to an deserving old lady for mainly Internet work..In a phone call to me she complained the a ghost of its previous owner kept haunting the machine- I took this to be, from what she said that his I/D was preventing her using it or cause her to think perhaps she could not. so I went to see it/her and saw she had doing all sorts herself to get around the perceived problem.
After clearing a lot of the mischief , several items caused me to scratch my head and to bring it home to poke at during the coming days

Here is one such that to my mind could not happen -but it did

During its life time it had been on dial-up to one ISP[call it ISP1 ] and then Broadband on another ISP.[Call it ISP2]
When I had it , I deleted all the reference to both of these[1&2] and installed her own dial up connection on another ISP entirely.[call it ISP3]
and had it working OK both at home and on delivery ,and she too for a while- it failed because of the familiar password corruption[but she would not know that]
So this morning I cleaned up her mess and sorted the dial up connection .I then went on to show how to get mail via the web should her dial-up connection corrupt again.
I was completely gobsmacked to discover then messages in the mail box for the the original owner addressed to him on ISP 1 waiting in ISP 3 mailbox. So what happened here do you think.?
Hw come mail sent on a now disused ISP turned up in this machine via another ISP-It was dated with a recent date - i.e. not something left in the machine.

  Pine Man 20:08 09 Oct 2006

Easy really.

ISP = I Suspect Poltergeists

  Jak_1 20:23 09 Oct 2006

Lol @ Pine Man.

Question: Did you fdisk and re-format and re-install the os? If not did you clear any references to the previous owners isp's from the registry? If the answer is no then there is your answer!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:24 09 Oct 2006

If its web based mail really easy
If pop3 then still easy

Most mail can be picked up from the big ISPs by using web site and click on mail.

If windows set to remember password and username (auto login) will download mail.

Best thing is to format hard drive and start from fresh as long as you have the license number for that machine.

  jack 20:37 09 Oct 2006

Fruit bat
Did not comprehend what you say .
lets give these ISP's names for clarity.
Original ISP. was[lets say] Pipex.
So the all reference to Pipex removed from machine.
New ISP selected lets say 'Talk Talk'
New ISP set up.
When we go into the new Talk Talk account via the web there in the mail box is a mail addressed to the former owner via the now deleted ISP.
No connection was made to that ISP and the date of the mail is long-like 3 months long after it was deleted from the machine.

  woodchip 20:43 09 Oct 2006

jack what he means is that Passwords and accounts etc are still stored in the E-Mail Program and or as I said before Regedit

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:45 09 Oct 2006

Are you sur you deleted all refernces to "pipex"

you may have deleted account in outlook or outlook express but if auto login set then username and password will still be in encrypted password lists in registry.

  jack 21:38 09 Oct 2006

Right will delv into registry later this week when I have time to set machine up.

  wiz-king 21:50 09 Oct 2006

Run this program to view all the auto login passwords click here if it finds any then thats where they have come from. Then set outlook express to not use auto login. Do not leave this in the computer as some anti-virus programs list it as a hacking tool, keep it on a USB stick for future use.

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