how to determine what the best

  ajm 00:18 28 Apr 2004

size for virtual memory to set up on a P4 2.53GhZ pc with 1GB memory and 80GB hard drive running Windows XP Pro SP1.

Other helpful advice appreciated

  hugh-265156 00:59 28 Apr 2004

you may get some conflicting opinions on this one:

my advice is just to let windows manage have 1 gig of installed physical ram so there should be no problems here with this ammount of installe ram with most tasks what so ever if you choose this option.

some people say the ideal setting should be around one and a half to two times your installed ram in both the min and max value boxes.this stops windows from resizing the swap file when it needs to.with your ammoun of ram installed and set to system managed size it shouldnt happen often if at all.

i have only 512mb of installed ram,i play latest games,edit video,photo etc and have tried various different settings for the xp swap file and can see no difference at all in performance when setting to either a fixed size,windows managed size or even running with no swap file at all.

if you had a low ammount of installed ram then it may be a different story altogether.

try various settings and see for yourself but as above i would just let the system handle it.

  bremner 01:05 28 Apr 2004

agree totally with huggy71.

I had a go at fiddling with the swapfile as an experiment and have not seen a noticeable improvement.

I just let Windows do its thing.

  TomJerry 01:16 28 Apr 2004

i.e. to make the max and min swap sizes the same. This will avoid swap file fragementation problem. As said above, most advices say two times of physical memory. To elimate fragementation further, creat a separate small partition for swap file itself. By the way, linux system normal put swap file on a separate partition. If you have two HDDs, put the swap file partition in the 2nd HDD (the one you do not install windows etc).

Since you already got 1GB RAM, you may not use swap file often, so any tweak on swap file will make very little difference. But you can alway tweak to get a little bit extra from you machine.

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