How to delete a user account?

  donbee 21:50 05 Jun 2003

I have only one (correct)name shown in the control panel user accounts but there are three more in the Docs & settings folder. How can I delete these, which just 'arrived' with a re-install, and which seem to take priority over the single account that I named and want.

  bobbyc 22:04 05 Jun 2003

if you are running xp go to start/control pannel/
ueser accounts/click the account you need to delete then the option to change or delete

  donbee 23:08 05 Jun 2003

Thanks to Bobbyc but (XP) the accounts I wish to delete are NOT listed in the control panel user accounts panel - they are only in the Docs &Settings folder. The ONLY account in the user accounts panel is the one I want to keep. The question is 'how do I delete an account which is NOT listed in the control panel user panel, but which is very active, e.g. it contains all the 'My Docs' folders etc. I want to delete it and use only the administrator account that IS listed.

  User-312386 23:40 05 Jun 2003

re-start computer, start tapping F5 key(safe mode)

When the screen appears, click on the administrator account and then delete the account you want to in safe mode


  keith-236785 01:34 06 Jun 2003


isnt that F8 for safe mode or the CTRL key
sorry m8 dont want to appear to knock you just trying to help

  AndySD 02:15 06 Jun 2003

What are the names of these accounts? (eg guest)

  donbee 16:27 06 Jun 2003

Thanks for the interest taken in my problem but unfortunately it is not yet solved. My personal account is an 'administrator' so I ought to be able to use it to change things. I tried the 'safe' mode start that was suggested and got a choice of two accounts, i.e. my usual personal one, and a new one called 'administrator' which I selected as suggested. This produced a statement which read 'windows cannot load the user's profile, but has logged onto the default instead'. Then it produced a 'safe' screen with a start button - which I then used to try and get to the control panel and users accounts. But everything just froze up. Ctrl+alt+del produced the usual screen but there was nothing shown on it. It did not restart my machine when I tried again. So I had to switch off the main power to get back to square one. Now, after a normal start, I still have the unwanted senior account, which remains unknown to the 'user account' panel, and I find that I now have another one, named only in the Docs&settings folder,calling itself 'administrator'!! Why are these not shown in the 'user account' so that I can delete them?

  barrie_g 17:26 06 Jun 2003

in xp there is always at least 2 accounts, even if you set up only the one, you will have your account which you set up naming yourself as administrator and you will have an administrator account which is usually hidden and only appears in explorer or other parts of the file tree.

any others you should be able to delete.

  donbee 23:54 06 Jun 2003

Thanks to you all for advice - but regretfully I am not further forward. I have only one account listed in the 'user account' panel in control panel. That is the one I set up (administrator) and use - it contains all the settings and data that I have. But in the Docs&Settings folder there are FIVE listed, i.e. 'All Users.WINDOWS', 'Donald' (the one I set, use and want),'Donald/DEEBEE' (which just arrived and takes precedence, it has all the 'my docs' etc, collects all cookies, is automatically set in all 'save' efforts, etc.),'Local Service.NT AUTHORITY', and 'Network Service.NT AUTHORITY'. When I tried to use Safe mode yet another arrived ('Administrator') which did not work when selected on the start panel and which I have deleted via Win Explorer. None of the others will delete that way (they all claim to be vital system services)except the one I want. I do not really care about having so many - my real annoyance is 'Donald/deebee' which takes precedence, is not listed in the user account panel,causes me to continually reset programmes to work with my wanted and created account, and yet apparently cannot be used as the standby second account because it did not come up in safe mode. Even if it did it does not have all my info and settins. Anymore ideas from you all? How do I reduce my 5 user accounts (4 not listed in the user panel - only in Explorer) down to the 2 that are required by XP, i.e. my created account plus one other which would contain all my settings and come up as a standby & selectable in safe mode?

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