How to delete the beta version of Windows Vista?

  Daibus 10:36 03 Nov 2008

Some time ago I installed the beta version of Windows Vista as a second trial OS on my PC.

How do I now delete Vista completely as I think it may be slowing my computer and I only ever use Windows XP on this PC?

Many thanks.

  Daibus 18:31 03 Nov 2008


  Ashrich 18:46 03 Nov 2008

It would only slow your PC down if it was running , I don't think it will be able to have any effect otherwise as it has not loaded . I would suggest trying to format that partition , right click on My Computer and scroll down to Manage , double click on Storage then on Disk Management , you'll see the Vista partition there . Having read a bit more about this , I also suggest you click here and read about removing the Vista boot manager as well .


  chub_tor 19:08 03 Nov 2008

There is a good guide here for uninstalling Vista Beta 2 from a dual boot partition click here

  sunnystaines 19:22 03 Nov 2008

i reformatted the vista drive, but had a lot of problems booting back into xp afterwards for some reason.

  Daibus 12:14 04 Nov 2008

Many thanks for all your replies.

When I go into Disk Management as Ashrich suggested, I can't seem to identify the Vista partition.

Could it be identified with a different name, I was wondering?


  Ashrich 19:31 04 Nov 2008

I reckon you should first follow the link I posted to remove the Vista boot loader , when that is gone then you can go about deleting the Vista partition .


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