How to decompress / install .bin file

  Muslimat79 10:18 30 Apr 2003

Hi everyone, I have problem decompressing any file with the extension .bin. Please can anyone help me what to use to decompress or to install this kind of file.

Please help me.

  MAJ 10:37 30 Apr 2003

A bin(binary) file is not a compressed file type, Muslimat79, although it can be contained in a compressed file such as a .zip file. That's why you can't de-compress it. They usually are placed in the folder of the program that they are associated with.

  broggs 11:53 30 Apr 2003

use a program called winISO.

  TimC 12:07 30 Apr 2003

The bin file could be a CD image, or a binary file from another source.

As suggested winISO will allow you into the file if it is a CD image file.

Presumably you know where you got it, and what it is meant to contain? CD bin image files often have a corresponding .cue file. If you have this you could investigate the file using a virtual cd emulator like DAEMON Tools, and mount the image on a virtual CD drive - you can then run the CD before burning it if you so wish?

  Muslimat79 13:10 30 Apr 2003

Thanks everyone for your invaluable advice and solution to this problem. I also thanks pcadvisor for this forum. The problem is solved with WinISO

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