How to decide the partition for installing

  Taw® 18:24 07 Feb 2005

My work comp. has 2 partitions, c and d I tried to install a driver for hp deskjet. On running the program it does not ask where to install but automatically goes to c. I get drive full message and the install does not complete. the c drive is completely full and there is nothing on it that I can delete. The d drive has quite a bit of space but I cannot direct the install to the d drive. It is an old comp. with nt4

  PA28 18:35 07 Feb 2005

Can you copy some files from c: to d: to free up some space (I take it that you're referring to drives rather than partitions on drives?). If your C: drive is actually full, this is a very dangerous way to run a computer!

  keith-236785 18:37 07 Feb 2005

two options here,

1. use Partition Magic to change the size of the partitions, reduce drive d: and increase drive c:, then you would be able to install what you need.

2. buy a larger drive and using norton ghost or similar, transfer the contents of your hard drive to the new drive (MAKE SURE YOU BACKUP BEFORE DOING EITHER OF THE ABOVE), as it is your work computer then you cannot afford to lose anything.

other than that, when you install items, choose custom install which allows you to specify the destination. But if there is no custom choice then theres not much you can do other than accept defaults.

are you sure you can't recover any space on drive c:, if it is so full then your performance will suffer as the virtual memory space will be tiny and as a result will slow your pc to a crawl.

definitely time to upgrade in my opinion.

good luck

  keith-236785 18:39 07 Feb 2005

i just saw you are running NT4, i am not sure if partition manager will resize NTFS partitions, please check before paying money for PM.

  Rigga 19:58 07 Feb 2005

Partition Manager will resize NTFS partitions. Well at least version 8, that I use, can.


  Dorsai 20:20 07 Feb 2005

I assume you have tried all the obvious options, like emptying the Recyle bin, deleting the contents of C:\Windows\temp, C:\ziptemp, C:\zip temp, deleting temporary Internet files, searcing for files named ***.tmp, ***.bak ***.~**, and so on. In other words, reomving all the dross that builds up?

Other than that, I would copy the contents of 'My documents' from C: to D:

Several options avaliable to you, before you re-size the partitions or re-format..

  Taw® 18:12 14 Feb 2005

Ticked as resolved folks many thanks, I tried the advice bar PM it is a works computer so didn't want to dielve too much. Problem not resolved but I will maybe try later.

  David4637 16:26 15 Feb 2005

Could I please ask a question will Partition Magic 7 re-arrange a XP NTFS HD? Thanks David

  mattyc_92 18:36 15 Feb 2005

Please start your own thread on this, and I will try to help you....

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