How to custom install of Norton I.S. without NAV

  PERK47 03:04 25 Dec 2005

I have tried to custom install Norton Internet Security (NIS) 2005 _without_ the Norton Antivirus (NAV) module. The custom install feature never gives me the option of not selecting NAV. The only choice presented in the custom install is the selection for Parental Controls.

I have Norton System Works 2005 which I never installed. I want to use this since it would enable me to utilize the year's subsciption to the NAV definitions. I cannot, however, install NSW until I can eleminate NAV from NIS since I cannot have two antivirus modules on the computer at the same time. Symantec's site is of no help.

  feb 23:44 25 Dec 2005

the two Norton programs have the same AV programs, so one will just install over the other and should not cause a conflict.

  PERK47 02:06 26 Dec 2005

I had NIS 2005 installed on my PC. The NAV virus definition subscription had expired.

I had NSW 2005 which I had never installed. To take advantage of the included virus definition subscription in NSW 2005 I decided to install it. However, NSW would not install because it recognized that I already had NAV (as part of NIS) on my PC.

Next -- I decided to uninstall NIS.

Next -- I installed NSW 2005 which was successful.

Next -- I tried to do a custom re-install of NIS without NAV but there is no option to custom install NIS without NAV.

Now I have NSW 2005 with a valid subscription to the virus definitions but cannot get NIS 2005 back on the PC.

  SG Atlantis® 07:14 26 Dec 2005

safe yourself the bother and go with the freeware solutions. They won't bog your system down.

  goonerbill © ® 01:24 27 Dec 2005

as paul daniels us to say " you'll like this, not a lot". uninstall NSW, reinstall NIS and then reinstall NSW using custom settings and disable NAV install, only way of doing it and found this out the hard way like you just have.

  Methedrine 01:28 27 Dec 2005

I agree wholeheartedly with SG Atlantis®.
Get rid of Norton. Best thing I ever did with my PC.

  PERK47 05:22 27 Dec 2005

Thanks for the suggestion but I can't follow your steps to:

1. Uninstall NSW and then
2. Install NIS _with_ NAV

The subscrition to NAV and the security features that was included with the purchase of NIS has expired so if I then do your step 3.

3. Custom install NSW _without_ NAV I will not be able to get the virus definitions or the updates to the security features in NIS.

Looks like the subscription to NAV that is included in purchase of NSW is lost money.

I have tried everyway I can think of to get in touch with Symantec to no avail.

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