how to create recovery media

  dotty44 20:48 16 Jan 2008

Hi i am a beginner with computers , and i keep getting a message come up on my computer screen
telling me that i have not created my recovery
media and to take some time to do it now .
But i dont know what i have to do , can you help me please

  Grey Goo 23:55 16 Jan 2008

When it comes up does it give you the option to do it. You will need some blank DVD's. Or the program may be on the programs menu, (Start/Programs) called something like make recovery media or such. Just follow instructions when it's running.

  Pineman100 18:16 17 Jan 2008

Do as Grey Goo has suggested - and don't be tempted to keep putting it off.

The Recovery Media should be created, carefully labelled, and kept somewhere safe. If/when the day comes that you have a hard disk crash, or need to replace your hard disk, those disks will be vital.

  dotty44 00:32 18 Jan 2008

Thanks , i have some blank CD=R music audio discs
will they be alright to use .

  daxian 10:11 18 Jan 2008

hi dotty44...
in most cases when you buy a pc it comes with a booklet/manual...if you have a look in the list of contents there will be a chapter on creating a restore disk ,this will give you all the information needed ....
if there is not a manual, then if you can supply the make and model of the computer we will be able to advise you further....Dave

  Grey Goo 11:29 18 Jan 2008

The program should tell you which blank medium to use.

  dotty44 20:40 18 Jan 2008

thanks for all your help
i have found my Packard Bell manual and it explains how to create a restore disk .
I just didnt know what the message was telling
me to do . Thanks Dave

  dotty44 00:57 22 Jan 2008

Thanks i have got the manual now , but it is telling me to deactivate the antivirus ,and the screen saver ,i have got AVG free edition how do i deactivate the AVG antivirus, please. so i can create the recovery DVD.

  BT 08:36 22 Jan 2008

I would also advise you to create a recovery disc as soon as you can. I have had to use mine recently after a hard drive failure.

  dotty44 11:54 23 Jan 2008

Thanks for your help , i have done my recovery disk , and also put my pictures on to CDs,
thanks again , great web site and its all free
love Dotty44

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