How to create a new folder

  ponytail 16:35 05 Jan 2014

My wife wanted to create a new folder on her notepad but there is no option for her to do it.Her O/S is XP.My O/S is windows 7 and when I go into my documents you get four choices Organise,Share With,Burn and New Folder.I am sure when I had X/P it was simple to create a new folder can anyone help.

  Ian in Northampton 16:38 05 Jan 2014

Right click in a blank space in the folder where you want the new folder to be, choose 'new', choose 'folder. You'll then have a new folder called 'New Folder'. Right click on it, click on 'rename' and type the name you desire for the folder. Same in XP and Windows 7.

  ponytail 16:18 06 Jan 2014

Hi Ian Have just gone into my documents on my wife note pad right clicked on the empty space and create new folder did not come up all we got was view, arrange icons by,new and properties

  lotvic 16:27 06 Jan 2014

"all we got was view, arrange icons by,new and properties" Well you nearly got there then....

click on 'new'

click on 'folder'

  lotvic 22:49 06 Jan 2014

I see from your new thread click here you/your wife have now successfully created New Folders. Thanks for letting us know.

  alanrwood 09:27 07 Jan 2014

Yes it is extremely demotivating when people have their problems solved and there is no confirmation of it for others to see that the solution worked.

  wee eddie 13:48 07 Jan 2014

Hey Kids: ponytail is obviously starting down a long trail and has had the gumption to ask. We shouldn't expect him/them to know all the "Ins and Outs" of the PCA Forum when they first visit us.

ponytail: when you feel that a particular response has answered your question, click on the 'grey' Tick next to it - The Tick will turn 'green' and indicate on the main screen that it has been solved.

This does not stop other people visiting the Thread or even adding alternative solutions and you can undo the Green Tick by clicking on it. Some Threads are never solved and some people can't be arsed to Tick their Threads.

However it is a good habit to get into as others, who may be following, are able to see what has solved the problem.

  lotvic 13:59 07 Jan 2014

wee eddie, LOL some of us are older than you ;) and after 6 years ponytail is hardly a noobie on pca forum, but good point about green ticking as ponytail doesn't seem to have mastered that yet.

  Ian in Northampton 14:24 07 Jan 2014

As lotvic says: ponytail has probably had as many questions answered on the forum as I've had hot dinners... :-) But whether someone remembers/knows how to use the green tick, a simple 'thank you' is always appreciated.

  alanrwood 19:25 07 Jan 2014

I was simply making the point that those of us who spend a long time trying, not always successfully, to help others would appreciate a response if the problem is sorted, that is only simple politeness. It was not specifically pointed at Ponytail but as a general comment.

  lotvic 19:54 07 Jan 2014

I'm in agreement with alanrwood's post above. No 'fuss' intended, I put link in to other thread so that others could see that this one had obviously been sorted.

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