How to create a mirror HDD image on external HDD

  PATRIOT 20:26 28 Oct 2007

Hi,recently my PSU went down taking my motherboard with it. I replaced these components and re-registered the o/s XP Home SP2, with Microsoft. I am expecting that the old 40GB HDD will be my next problem, so I've bought an external USB 500GB HDD NFT.I would like to create 4 partitions on this external HDD, called: Images, Music,Data and MirrorOLD. Can anyone explain how to use Paragon's Drive Copy8 & Partition manager8.5 on issue 148's dvd to create a mirror image of the old 40GB HDD onto the external HDD, so that I can reinstall the: o/s, settings, programes and drives with little fuss later to a replacement internal 160GB HDD, when old dies? I had little luck getting the software to do more than recognise the internal & external drives.
Any advice welcome

  skidzy 20:50 28 Oct 2007

I think your best bet is to use Acronis TI and clone the current drive and save this to the 160GB drive,then make this master as opposed to slave.
Acronis TI 10 click here

  Strawballs 22:55 28 Oct 2007

I'm with skidzy on this one.

  PATRIOT 08:29 29 Oct 2007

Hi, one problem is that there is not room in the case to install the 2nd 160GB HDD, that is why I thought that going through the 500GB external HDD would be better. Also I do not have Acronis TI but the free Paragon software. Is it still possible, though perhaps more long winded, to use the original solution? If so how will I go about it?

  Batch 09:16 29 Oct 2007

Many on these forums use Acronis True Image and find it a reliable solution (reliability is paramount for this purpose).

You can get V9 off amazon for around £13. I'm still using V8, although V11 is the latest.

If you get it, make sure that you download the latest update, for the vesrion you purchase, off the Acronis website (you need a licenced version to do this).

Also make sure you produce a bootable CD (once you've downloaded the update). That way if nothing else works you can boot TI alone and do a restore.

  skidzy 15:27 29 Oct 2007

" Hi, one problem is that there is not room in the case to install the 2nd 160GB HDD "

Then i would suggest placing the 160GB drive into a caddy to save the clone,remove from the caddy and place in the computer as master.

Sorry cannot help with Paragon.

I would also suggest you buy the cd version of Acronis as opposed to the download version,i have read a few posts regarding the download version and one or two errors.
If you decide to buy the Acronis cd,this also becomes your rescue/boot media,but do update as posted by Batch.

Acronis is widely recommended,and im sure others will agree.

  Batch 15:34 29 Oct 2007

AFAIK, the amazon ones are CDs (mine was)

  skidzy 15:55 29 Oct 2007

yes they are,i was refering to the download version of would need to create the Rescue Disc as no boot media would be included.

Just another point,if PATRIOT is interested in ATI,visit Amazon frequently as the prices varies from day to day.

  PATRIOT 17:07 29 Oct 2007

Hi folks, thanks,I've taken your advice and ordered an external caddy from ebay and Acronis TI10 from Amazon. I should be starting the imaging process this weekend hopefully. Do I need to set up any partitions on the 160GB caddy'd HDD before imaging the internal 40GB HDD? If so - what type of partitions should they be? As you may have gathered, I am new to this technology.

  skidzy 18:43 29 Oct 2007

Im not a believer in partitions and to be honest dont know a lot about them.

However,if you wish to partition into 4 parts,Partition Logic will do this for you click here im not sure ATI will do this,im sure someone will come in and give you a step by step guide.

How i would go about it;

Clone the current drive with ATI.
Transfer the Clone to the 160GB and make this master.
Then use ATI to create backup images of the entire drive or incremental backups.
This all on one partition.

If your drive ever played up or failed,just reinstall one of the backups you would have made.

ATI can be configured to make these backups.

Problem with mutiple partitions,if the drive ever failed you would possibly lose the data saved,however with ATI...just reinstall the clone and backups to a new drive therefore saving your data etc.

Again im sure someone will guide you through step by step.

I have standby backups created with ATI but never had to use them...yet !

  PATRIOT 21:04 01 Nov 2007

Update, I've got the caddy. waiting for ATI software to arrive. An early Xmas present.

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