how to create a clone harddrive?

  kimisam 00:55 10 Oct 2008


I have a desktop pc running windows xp with a READ only CD rom drive, no floppy but has USB.

can anyone tell me is it possible to create a clone harddrive for this pc please.

many thanks and all your help is very appreciated.


  Dragon_Heart 01:32 10 Oct 2008

Assume you're upgrading to a new hard disk !

You could use Clonezilla but you will need someone to burn it onto a bootable CD for you or use a USB flash drive.

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  phono 01:34 10 Oct 2008

It shouldn't be a problem, the usual way is to hook up the second drive as a slave to the system drive and then using disk cloning/imaging software such as Acronis TrueImage, Norton Ghost and so on create a clone of your hard drive.

You could also make a clone of your hard drive to another drive connected via a USB port, provided it is working properly and is USB 2 as USB 1 would be painfully slow.

I personally recommend Acronis TrueImage as it is very easy to use and is very reliable, there may even be free software, just do a Google for free hard drive cloning software.

  phono 01:39 10 Oct 2008

That looks interesting, have you tried it out yet?

  DieSse 12:36 10 Oct 2008

XXClone works and is free - and it's been around for some time with a good reputation.

For a truly excellent paid program you can't beat Acronis True Image which clones, images and much more.

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  phono 19:59 10 Oct 2008

Have to agree on the Acronis front, excellent program.

  woodchip 20:16 10 Oct 2008

Fit a new Drive as Slave or Cable Select, then use click here this will clone your OS to new drive, then change drives round

  DieSse 21:15 10 Oct 2008

xxcopy is not for cloning XP . you need XXclone.

  kimisam 01:43 11 Oct 2008

Hi all,

many thanks for all your help.

here is some more information regarding to this pc, it has a 10GB (yes ten) harddrive and NO internet access. therefore, I could only think of making a clone by useing an external harddrive, loading it with Paragon Exact Image or similsr then to clone it.

will this work?

  phono 21:43 11 Oct 2008

What are your intentions with regards to the cloned disk which you are proposing to make?

If it is to replace the current HD you may have problems, the drive in the external enclosure may not be of the same type as the current drive.

As the current drive is only 10Gb it is obviously a PATA drive, the drive in the external enclosure may well be a SATA drive. Assuming the PC which contains the 10Gb drive is of similar vintage it will not have SATA connectors on board so a PCI SATA controller card would be required to connect SATA drives.

Another problem would be a likely limitation in the drive capacity that the BIOS would recognise, this can sometimes be overcome with drive overlay software or, better still, by fitting a PCI hard drive controller card.

All of the above relies on the fact that the external drive enclosure can be opened and the drive inside it extracted for use.

Is there any reason why a second drive cannot be temporarily fitted internally as a slave and the cloning operation carried out and then changing the cloned drive to master?

If it is just more HD space you require you could just fit a second drive and save data and/or install programs to it.

  woodchip 21:49 11 Oct 2008

As I said above fit a new drive as slave to the master then clone the drive to the new one, after which you swap them not forgetting to change jumper setting on drive

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