How could this website be improved?

  snat 11:47 10 Jun 2007

Any comments would be muchly appreciated :)

  mco 12:15 10 Jun 2007

You forgot to give the link.
Unless, of course, you mean - this particular PC Advisor website, which naturally is beyond improvement - being perfect in every way!! :)

  Si_L 13:33 10 Jun 2007

Oh yeah sorry!

Here it is:

click here

  Forum Editor 18:41 10 Jun 2007

It's unnecessary, and causes confusion. I'm going to disable the 'snat' name that you used to publish the thread.

  Forum Editor 19:01 10 Jun 2007

The 'introduction' page could be updated. According to the 'last revision' message it hasn't been updated for over two years. That's probably the first page a casual visitor will look at, and the immediate impression would be of a dead site.

It's a big site, and some of the pages have a great deal of content - browsers will insert scroll bars that go on and on. The navigation could be revised to help cure this problem.

The page layouts are in need of work - they don't look consistent, and I hate seeing table borders.

Overall the site has a rather dated look, and could do with a makeover in terms of layout, text presentation, and colour scheme. The navigation could also be improved, but in view of the amount of content that isn't something I can advise on, based only on the quick tour I've just made. It would take time.

  Si_L 02:12 11 Jun 2007

Thanks for such a detailed response, very useful.
You are spot on with the intro page, that will need to be changed.

The colour scheme is the school colours so that is not going to change. Have you come across any websites (doesn't have to be school ones) that you thought were well layed out, to your liking etc, that I could look at to get a bit of inspiration?

Reason for asking is I have just finished college, and after my exams will be working on the new website. The school in the link is where I am going on my gap year to do voluntary work for 6 months, but having thoughaly browsed the site, I could tell it was in need of a re-vamp.

More comments from people are always welcome, thanks :)

  Si_L 23:58 11 Jun 2007

Thanks for the comments fourm member. Can I just ask though what you mean by "The whole site is frames".

Thanks, :)

  Si_L 11:20 12 Jun 2007

Cheers for expanding.

More comments always welcome :)

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