How to copy video ts file with nero 6

  ACOLYTE 18:28 04 Nov 2005

I have just brought nero 6,and i am at a loss at how to copt vidoe ts files,it all seems to be ISO
files it wants to copy,any one point me in the right direction.

  Splork 18:31 04 Nov 2005

They're DVD files - burn to DVD Video, with associated .vob files. click here

  ACOLYTE 18:41 04 Nov 2005

Thx,i do know it is a dvd file,but when i go through all the options to burn it to dvd i get to the point where i have to select "all supported image files" and either nero doesnt support video ts or i have done somthing wrong,because when i navigate to the containing folder the file type doesnt show up.

Make sure you have selected your DVD writer in the options, it sounds like it is set to IMAGE writer.

When you have done thie, make sure you have selected DVD Video from the format options , navigate to your Video TS folder and copy the files across.

  ACOLYTE 19:02 04 Nov 2005

ok, you may have to bear with me im new to nero 6,i have selected my dvd writer as the copy device when nero opens,i then select dvdvideo from the list on the left,i go through the tabs,till i get the end but the only option i have is new or open,there used to be burn in nero 5.5,if i select new the box disapeares and im left with a blank sheet,with open i get the drag and drop menu with video-ts and audio-ts folders on the left colum,im not sure what to do then,do i just copy the whole lot and let nero sort it out or i need to put each file in the folders nero made?
On my other copy app i just navigate to the folder the dvd is in click the video-ts file and it copies away,but takes 60/90 minutes.

  ACOLYTE 19:55 04 Nov 2005

So no1 uses nero for dvd ?

  smurfling 19:57 04 Nov 2005

Make a folder to put your files in, open nero burning rom, in the new compilation window select dvd in the drop down box then select dvd video in the left column, then click new. In the file browser column locate your video folder and drag and drop it into the column next left under "name" then click burn in the task bar and let nero do its for me everytime.

  ACOLYTE 22:23 04 Nov 2005

Thats what i do make a folder and copy the dvd to it the files are in the dvd named folder as video-ts,but nero doesnt see video-ts files,i have tried all ways up and the file extension just doesnt show.

  Skills 22:46 04 Nov 2005

Have you tried using the nero recode as this will let you open files in video_ts folders as will vison express but vison express then want you to make a menu and all that whereas recode will just let you either copy the files to disk as is providing it will fit on your disk or recode them to fit on a single/double sided dvd.

  ACOLYTE 22:51 04 Nov 2005

All this sounds pretty complicated,i thought Nero would be better at writing DVD video-ts files than pinnacle,thats why i slashed out and brought it,but it seems pinnacle is better even though it takes 90 Min's it just does it all for you,i don't have to mess around making folders and recoding files.

'So no1 uses nero for dvd ?'

Yes I do a lot. It can see VIDEO_TS folders.

There is a difference between 5.5 and 6. In 5.5 you could do what you describe but in 6, you make sure your DVD writer is selected, get out of the Wizard if thats what your using, make sure your compilation is set to DVD, then select DVD Video.

Browse for the folder and drag the contents.

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