How to copy photos from Camera to PC

  ponytail 12:32 21 Mar 2014

Not sure what section should have gone into did not see any reference to digital camera.

My wife wants me to copy some photos from her digital camera to her Laptop.Have done this before but a long time ago and have forgotten the procedure.Her camera is a Nikon Coolpix S8200 and her OS is Windows 7.Can someone help.Thanks

  lotvic 13:18 21 Mar 2014

On the bottom the S8200 has a memory card slot allowing the use of either SD, SDHC or SDXC cards ClickHere for Review and detail

So I would think: Take out the memory card and insert it into your pc/laptop's memory slot.

  Batch 14:08 21 Mar 2014

Alternatively, if you have a USB cable where one end fits the camera, you should be able to connect the camera using that. The camera's memory card should then appear as a disk on the laptop (you may need to select the Playback option on the camera after connecting it to the laptop).

  logoff 14:25 21 Mar 2014

If your PC/laptop does not have anywhere to fit an SD card (or similar) you may need an adapter which fits into a USB slot-commonly available and don't cost much.

  ponytail 16:39 21 Mar 2014

I do have a USB 2 card reader which has a USB connector on it so if I put my wifes memory card into this card reader and plugged it into one of her laptops USB ports what would be my next step.Did not do it this way before but it looks easier.Thank's

  john bunyan 17:26 21 Mar 2014


What I do (adapt to suit your filing system)

In Widows Explorer create a folder such as "My Documents"/ "My Pictures"/"Download from Camera"/ "Lumix" ... Adapt folder name as you wish.Then Plug in SD card with USB reader and copy the photos from the SD card to the designated folder. I regularly make a back up copy of all "My Document" Folders to anther drive. Then use a photo editing programme to look at and modify the photos if needed. A good freebie is Paint. net When happy move the photos to a more permanent folder or folders, leave the Download from camera folder empty for the next download. If you want to print the photos, as I often do, I copy them to a spare SD card and take it to my local ASDA (cheaper than home printing. When happy, with a back up, you can then format the SD card ON THE CAMERA ready for the next time.Important to format on the camera, not the PC.

  Batch 17:26 21 Mar 2014

Assuming the card reader supports the specific type of card that the camera has (that camera uses SD type cards and is very common), once you plug it all in (and assuming no additional drivers are needed) the card will just appear as another disk on the computer. You can then go into Windows Explorer and copy the image files of the camera's card to wherever you want on the computer's hard disk.

You can also delete the images off the SD card whilst in Windows Explorer (but best not to delete or otherwise play with the folder sturcture).

  wee eddie 20:42 21 Mar 2014

God, you boys make things complicated.

Just plug it into the Computer, wait a while, a little pop up will appear asking you what you want to do.

That should allow you to save the pictures.

Just tell it where you want them saved and 'bobs yer uncle'.

  bumpkin 22:30 21 Mar 2014

wee eddie, thats what I do but to easy for ponytail.

  ponytail 08:11 22 Mar 2014

Thank's chaps for all the advice will copy them later today and let you know how I get on.

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