how to copy from a floppy please

  sunny staines 16:29 04 Aug 2007

i have a small program on a floppy. i want to copy to a cd. but when i copy /paste the only option that comes up is to copy to another floppy how to i solve this one please.

  X™ 16:33 04 Aug 2007

Copy it to a hard drive first.

  Clapton is God 16:33 04 Aug 2007

Drag and drop? Not strictly copying, but worth a try.

  sunny staines 17:44 04 Aug 2007

i had already tried both options but get a dialog box to copy to another floppy.

wondering if anyone knows what to type at the command prompt in xp see if that helps, i hav'nt a clue on dos on command lines.

  Diemmess 18:24 04 Aug 2007

Surely this long way round will work?

Floppy in slot, open My Computer.
Double click on A: (floppy drive)will show contents.
Edit > click on "littleprogram.exe" or select_all
Edit > Copy
Select using My Computer a suitable folder on your HD or make a new folder first name and open it.
Edit > Paste.
This is the point when you can burn a copy of this file/s to a CD.

  Stuartli 18:30 04 Aug 2007

As I tend to use multisession mode with Nero, I'd just drag and drop the file from the floppy.

  sunny staines 20:03 04 Aug 2007

diemmess & stuartli thanks

will try both these option tomorrow, never thought of multissesion in nero.

will report results back.

  sunny staines 19:20 06 Aug 2007


your option still gave copy to another floppy option.

got a result thanks for the tip, had been trying copy using incd never thought of nero multi session. thanks

  Diemmess 11:45 07 Aug 2007

Stuartli's method obviously suits best, that's good.

I tried for myself (using XP)
Floppy in the slot -unopened.
Edit > Copy

Made a new folder on HD, gave it a name.
Opened new folder.
Edit > Paste
Floppy pasted in as "3 1/2 Floppy Drive (A)"

It does work though Copy doesn't appear to do anything until you select somewhere to paste it!

  sunny staines 17:04 07 Aug 2007


thanks for all your time help i have noted it should i need to do it again. grateful for everyones input.

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