How to convert .wps to .doc (Works to Word) please

  Furkin 15:35 18 May 2008

The title says it all.

I have just brought some work home with me in MS-Works - hence .wps format. (No MS-Word there)

I've tried to open them in Word - to no avail.

I did a quick search on the web first & saw someone say to save the files as rtf's,,,,,
a) it's a bit late for that in my case - am already home.
b) it was actually written in Rich Text, as it has several formatted bits etc.
In the future - can similar files (on a non WORD machine) be saved in such a way that I can open them in Word ?

For Now - can I open these particular ones ?

many thanks for reading,,,,,,,,,,

  brundle 15:38 18 May 2008

Zamzar click here

  Woolwell 15:43 18 May 2008

I was under the impression that Word can open Works files but not the other way around. I think that you should have been able to open the Works files click here
Which version of Word are you using?

  ambra4 16:36 18 May 2008

Download the Work to Word Converter

click here

  Furkin 16:41 18 May 2008

Thanks - I did see them from another post. I have tried the system - in that i've uploaded a file (a one page letter) but am still waiting for it to appear.
It also seemed to take a long time to upload,,,, but as I've not done it before - how would I know ?!?!
Thanks again - will put eventual result here.
I had the same problem when they e-mailed me some stuff a few weeks ago. I was rather hoping that as it was on a USB stick that it would be easier to use - Doh !

I am now thinking (?!) that they can save their Works file as an actual .doc, but won't know until I visit them next, as I don't use it. I am assuming (hoping) that they just save 'as is' instead of looking for an alternative i.e: .doc.
I don't know which version of Works that they have either.

My Word seems to be 2002 SP3 !

Is there a later FREE version out there ?

thanks folks

  Furkin 16:51 18 May 2008

Thanks - had a look,,,,, I didn't realise that MS had downloads for that.
I tried to download Works 6,,,,,,,
but their system said that they can't carry out that request !!
I started to download Works 2000 but it said that I already have a similar item,,, but later than that, so I stopped the download.

If I do have such a prog/converter, it isn't 'automatic',,,, and nothing pops up when I try to open the works documents !
Should it pop up automatically,,,, or should I be looking elsewhere ?

thanks again

  Bagsey 17:03 18 May 2008

I have just tested your problem out on my computer using OPEN OFFICE ( a freebie)and provided the original document in Works is saved as a .doc file you will be able to open them in word. I did in open office without any hassle.

  Furkin 17:29 18 May 2008

cheers mate,,,,, in my case the files are saved as .wps.

I am hoping to get back to their computer today or tomorrow, & will see if I (they) can actualy save them as .docs.

I'm sure it will be to their advantage to do so in the future.


  Ditch999 17:36 18 May 2008

Try renaming it from .wps to .doc If it doesnt work rename it back.

  Furkin 17:46 18 May 2008

Thanks Ditch,
Tried that - didn't work.

BRUNDLE: Tried ZAM again, & got on better.
The file uploaded in a jiffy, so that made me think better of it.
I have just received it back,,,, apart from being wrong fonts/foramts etc,,,, at least it's available to read (& re format).
Will 'Contact' MS tomorrow to see what they recommend for this.
Obviously results will be put here.

thanks again people

  Ditch999 17:52 18 May 2008

You could try opening it in Notepad if you are not worried about formating. Right click on select Open with then browse to or select Notepad.

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