How to convert wireless network to a wired one

  VNAM75 19:01 11 Apr 2008

My pc and laptop are connected to a wireless network using a buffalo router. Internet connection and files/folders are shared.

But I want to transfer about 10gb of data from pc to laptop. Doing it wirelessly takes too long. So I tried to connect the 2 using a cross over cable. One end is plugged into the laptops single network/ethernet port but where do I plug it into the pc?

The router is plugged to one of the pc's ethernet ports but obviously I can't use this as it will disable the router. There's also another port which accepts the cross over cable but I tried that and it doesn't recognise the network.

I don't want to alter the wireless network permanently - I just want to have a wired network to transfer some files and when I unplug the cables for it to go back to the wireless network.

  Technotiger 19:18 11 Apr 2008

Would it not work if you connect cable from laptop, to a spare ethernet port on the router?

  VNAM75 19:22 11 Apr 2008

I didn't think of that - there are 3 spares on the router so will try it later, thanks.

  martjc 19:25 11 Apr 2008 cannot use crossover cables with a network - they are simply for connecting two computers without a router.

You can connect your machines to the router to form a proper network by using ethernet fly leads -from any computer shop.

Connections are as follows:

If you've a separate modem, this plugs into the router WAN port.
If your router is a router/modem it plugs directly into the wall connection.

Now, at the back of the router there should be several LAN ports - usually four. You must run a fl lead from each computer to one of these.

Then run netsetup on both machines: [Start],run, netsetup.

In netsetup configure for file & printer sharing.

Should be ok then.

  martjc 19:27 11 Apr 2008

should read " a fly lead..." typing crazy tonight!

  VNAM75 19:56 11 Apr 2008

martjc, it's quite confusing what the difference is between a crossover, ethernet and fly cables. They all plug into the same slot don't they?

My current wireless set up is:

- virgin modem plugged into the wan port on the router
- pc connected to one of the 4 lan ports on the router
- laptop is wirelessly connected to the pc (no cable)

So all I've done is as Technotiger says, connected the laptop to one of the router's lan ports using an ethernet/crossover type cable.

I shouldn't have to run netsetup should I because its already set up as a wireless network? I'm just not sure whether by connecting the laptop to one of the router's lan ports via cable would result in it in being a wired network until I unplug it.

I'm transferring the 10gb data now - it took about 2 hours yesterday but it seems to be quicker now. The lights on each of the lan ports of the laptop and router are flashing so I assume its working as a wired data transfer.

  VNAM75 20:14 11 Apr 2008

10gb done in 45 mins, not lightening but OK.

  martjc 20:14 11 Apr 2008

...but they are two different cables [wired differently]. Crossover won't work for you. It must be a straight through fly lead.

Oh, forgot to say - you'll need to re-boot. First unplug & re-plug the modem, wait till the lights settle down. Then do the same with the router. You may also have to re-boot the PCs.

  VNAM75 20:20 11 Apr 2008

I just plugged in the cable direct and it worked. The cable says utp on it and each end has the same connection which plugs into a lan port.

  Technotiger 20:24 11 Apr 2008

Glad you got the job done ok, I should have mentioned using, what I call an ordinary ethernet cable - like wot you have from router to PC :-)


  martjc 20:22 12 Apr 2008

...a fly lead - well done to sort it out!

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