How convert Lotus lwp files to txt or Works?

  Lostforwords 23:47 13 Sep 2008

I used Lotus Smartsuite for years for all my correspondence then pensioned off my 386 for a new machine with MS Works installed. Now I find I need to be able to refer back to some of those old files (I have them on a CD but I don't have Smartsuite any more.) Is there a conversion utility or any way I can do that please? I've Googled to see what I could find but have drawn nothing but blanks so far.


  crosstrainer 00:04 14 Sep 2008

It's nice to see someone who remembers x386 PC's! I regard you as a true hero for keeping the old machine running so long.

Sadly, your old version of Lotus just will not convert to Works.

Best option may be to save all text as a RTF or text file, then import to Works.

The (sadly) reliable option is to buy MS Office.

I will keep digging around my old archives, but Smartsuite has been dead and buried for years. A shame, it worked.

They call this progress.

  MAJ 00:34 14 Sep 2008

It was a great suite, I especially liked 123. I still have it on original disk somewhere upstairs, Smartsuite 97 if I remember correctly. If all else fails and you get no satisfaction, email me via the yellow envelope and I'll see what I can do.

  crosstrainer 00:40 14 Sep 2008

Smartsuite was a very, very good package, I used it for a while, but good old MS nuked it in the end.

Remember Wordstar? or Dbase++?

Nothing wrong with any of them. They also had this habit of NOT crashing!

Oh dear, now look at the over bloated, function laden stuff we have now :))

Perhaps a reflection on society itself? More, more, more!

  MAJ 00:55 14 Sep 2008

It sure was/is a great suite and never gave any trouble if I recall, but, as you say MS Office sort of killed it stone dead.
About a year ago I had reason to temporarily install it on a mate's PC to revive some old invoice blanks I had created for him many years ago and it was a joy to see it working again, flawlessly, even under XP.

Wordstar sounds familiar, although I don't remember using it myself and I think Dbase++ might have been before my computer days, Win 98SE was my first operating system.

  UncleP 01:14 14 Sep 2008

Yep, still using it on a regular basis, and probably have one or two spare CDs with the last supported versions (SmartSuite 9.6, I think) on. It runs fine under XP2, but don't know about Vista.

It will export directly into some of the older Microsoft formats which I assume the present Works and Office versions will accept. But you may find that they need some tidying up afterwards, as the Lotus and Microsoft formatting systems were not completely compatible.

In my opinion, Lotus was by far the most innovative software house in the history of the PC; their range of ground-breaking applications was extraordinary. Unfortunately they were worn down by the Microsoft monopoly and some dubious commercial decisions on their own part. Great pity!

  crosstrainer 01:27 14 Sep 2008

Yes, Wordstar and Dbase++ were both DOS applications. Rock solid, never ever crashed.

I'm amazed that you got Smartsuite to run under XP...Might give it a try myself...

All those floppies!

  crosstrainer 01:29 14 Sep 2008

I agree, but hey won't export to Work's, which is just a poor relation of Office.... In other words, "buy Office" or be isolated :))

  MCE2K5 01:35 14 Sep 2008

Try this Lotus Symphony 1.1 click here it's Free.

  crosstrainer 01:40 14 Sep 2008


click here

A STRONG word of caution..It will only run under DOS, so no XP or Vista without emulation software.

  wiz-king 08:11 14 Sep 2008

I would try useing 'openoffice' click here this can open a lot of file types.
New versions of Works use a cut down version of Word, I believe, and will store as a .doc file or as a Works file.

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