How to Convert Divx to MPEG4 Video format to watch

  julius44 19:01 08 Dec 2008

Hello there to all u great pc advisot techies out there i'm hoping that i can get some much needed help here. I recently purchased the superb sony DAV-DZ260 home cinema system,click here
for my 32inch TV. system works fine, BUT it does not play divx videos, but it plays mpeg4 videos. now i have some videos on my desktop from you tube etc, and what i need is a straight forward converter to convert from divx to mpeg4 format. I have an internal LG multi DVD rewriter(22 speed)
i also have realplayer basic, but this does not come with any free dvd burner. most of my vids are downloaded with realplayer, and i wanna watch them using any surround sound system, so i'm just looking for any FREE and easy to use video converter that has a straight forward user convert divx to mpeg4 or AVI

  eedcam 19:13 08 Dec 2008

Super c should do it its free
click here

When the page opens choose download mirror that goes straight to download
With super you just drag the files in

  julius44 19:23 08 Dec 2008

Hi eedcam, thanks for that, but i'm a bit confused, but which link exactly do u want me to click on please???

  MCE2K5 19:39 08 Dec 2008

Download from mirror download(direct link) - 28.6MB

It's a Direct download.

  woodchip 19:44 08 Dec 2008

This may help click here

  julius44 19:44 08 Dec 2008

some of the users on that sight say that the program is very unstable, and they have problems removing it, pls are there any safer ones available please??

  johnnyrocker 20:19 08 Dec 2008

dvd flick?


  julius44 20:36 08 Dec 2008

all the stuff i have downloaded is in my realplayer this MPEG4 format?? so all i need to do is to burn it onto a blank dvd...but i just need to know HOW and with what package. i wouldve used realplayer but i only have the free basic package which has no dvd burner...the dvd burner package costs about $40...about £30.

  MCE2K5 20:52 08 Dec 2008

For a Starter of 10: What Country are you in, It makes a difference.

  julius44 20:58 08 Dec 2008

hello mce2k5.....strange question u asked but i'm in the uk......south london to be exact. why the strange question though? would that make any diffrence??

  MCE2K5 21:16 08 Dec 2008

Most of the European Models have DivX Support, The Uk Model Doesn't.

Online Manual click here

Tech. Specs. click here

Doing a search of the online Manual found NO results for MPEG4, MP4.
Where did you get the info about playing MPEG4 Videos.

Found AVI & DivX which are not supported in the UK Version.


As 'johnnyrocker' said, Download DVD Flick click here

DVD Flick Guide click here

Will Burn Virtually every Video format to DVD as a DVD-Video Disc.

"all the stuff i have downloaded is in my realplayer this MPEG4 format??":

Not quite True, If downloaded off YouTube they will be in .FLV Format, And yes DVD Flick Burns them as well.

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