How To Convert to a CD???

  Green 1 02:10 06 Nov 2011

Please can anybody help me, my son sent me some music he played on a cd, it will play in my car and on my computer but will not play in the cd player in the house, I think they are recorded in WMA files, whatever they are, is there a freebie programme that will make it play on the house cd player, as you will gather, I'm not too good on computers so a simple explanation would be good, many thanks for any replies I may get, Brian.

  mooly 08:40 06 Nov 2011

Without being entirely specific (as I would have to actually do it for real)and assuming you have Windows Media Player you need to rip the WMA disc to your hard drive.

Just use Windows Media Player for that and use the rip option. That gives you a copy file of the disc on the HDD.

Now open Media Player again and select "Burn" and make sure you have "create an audio CD" selected.

In essense that is all there is to it. Be aware that if the WMA disc has a lot of files (if it plays for hours) then they won't fit on an 80 minute CD in real time and so you would have to make several discs by dragging and dropping tracks you wanted to create a "burn list" up to 80 minutes max.

  rdave13 08:43 06 Nov 2011

Use windows media player to rip to WAV files. In WMP pressthe Alt key if menu bar not showing then tools, options and the rip tab. Select WAV lossless. (They might be MP3s).

  ICF 08:55 06 Nov 2011

This program looks easy to use BurnAware

  ICF 08:58 06 Nov 2011

Step by step guides are within the help files of BurnAware and seem easy to follow.Post if you don't understand them.

  eedcam 09:25 06 Nov 2011

If they are Mp3 files no need to rip them as wave as cd.s dont usae wave files just rip as mp3 in wmm then burn as audio cd as said that way you only convert once

  Peter 10:05 06 Nov 2011

Green 1,

Is the CD you are having a problem with a copy? Is it a rewritable CD (CDRW)? Is the house CD player a bit old? I know, so many questions!

Some older CD systems do not like CD ROMs or especially CDRWs. It may be that this is the problem more so than the file format. If your son has just made a copy of the CD (not a file by file copy or a compilation) and it doesn't play on the house CD player then this could be the problem.


  Green 1 01:30 07 Nov 2011

Peter, Yes it is burnt onto a RWCD and Yes my player is an older one but considered a good one (at the time) I tried Media Centre and it did not work when I put the CD in the house player after burning it, I may be a little too old to get this into my head, I will try the other programme that was sent to me but any info would be appreciated, Many thanks all, Brian.

  mooly 07:11 07 Nov 2011

CDRW format does not work in all players. The reason is because the reflectivity is much lower and not all players optical systems will work with that.

CDR should work on 99% of players old and new.

If are certain that you burned the files as "make an audio CD" then that is a likely reason.

What is the make and model of your CD player ??

  Green 1 02:14 09 Nov 2011

Hi Mooly, my CD player is a Marantz CD67se, it was and still is a good player but a bit long in the tooth now,I have hardly used it though over the years, the disc my son sent to me is a CDRW and I have tried to copy it onto a CD-R, they will not play in the Marantz, I have copied CD's before and they worked ok it's just these ones that I have trouble with, hope you can help me, many thanks, Brian.

  simonjary 06:46 09 Nov 2011

Rip it in iTunes and burn new disc in AIFF format.

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