How to connect Voyager 205 and Linksys router... .

  David333 17:56 24 Sep 2006

I'm struggling to setup my home network. I have a BT Voyager 205 modem/router through which my Internet arrives. I have plugged this in to a Linksys Wireless-B Broadband router (model BEFW11S4 version 4). Into the first port on the router I've attached my desktop PC via an ethernet cable, then I'm hoping to use wireless to get online via my laptop.

Anyway, on my desktop I open click here (I think it's that address anyway) and I can get into the setup page for the Linksys router. I don't know how to set it up though... . I did have a setup CD but have lost that in moving house which hasn't really helped matters.

So, my computer is talking to my router, but although the router and my modem are connected and the Internet light on the router is on, they don't appear to be talking because I can't access the Internet. I imagine that somehow I have to configure the router to talk to my modem... . Can anyone help please...?

  ade.h 18:02 24 Sep 2006

Is this a cable modem or ADSL? Presumably, it is an ADSL modem and only has a USB interface? Please confirm either way.

You haven't provided the Linksys model number, so I need you to tell me whether it is a cable/DSL router or an ADSL modem/router, which entirely influences what you need to do in the config.

Ignore the lost CD - there's no advantage to it.

  David333 18:10 24 Sep 2006

That address was I think by the way.

I think it's an ADSL modem (it comes down the phone line). The BT Voyager 205 modem has both ethernet and USB connections (I'm using ethernet; the USB still has the sticker on!). The Linksys Wireless-B router (model number: BEFW11S4 version 4) has an ethernet port on the back for the Internet and four ethernet ports to plug in computers, plus wireless.

I'm not particularly technology-minded. Do those answers help at all...? :-) Thank you...!

  David333 18:23 24 Sep 2006

click here My modem...

click here My router... .

  ade.h 18:57 24 Sep 2006

click here for the manual. Saves me a lot of typing. Come back if you have any further questions.

  David333 19:44 24 Sep 2006

Thanks very much for your help. I'm about to sit down with the manual and work my way through it. Can I just ask a quick question about the mechanics of it all please...? When I connect normally through my modem and go to 'ipconfig/all' the results show me my IP address, MAC address, Subnet mask, default gateway, DHCP server, etc etc. Will these details be the same when I connect through a router...? In other words, if I copy this MAC address, IP address, etc onto my Linksys router settings, should everything be okay...? Thanks!

  ade.h 19:50 24 Sep 2006

The router doesn't need any physical addresses (MACs) unless you use MAC filtering. None of the others matter either, as they are provided by the router (or modem) itself.

  David333 21:09 24 Sep 2006

Okay, I've worked my way through the manual, and it still doesn't work. I've reset the router and started again. Everything plugged in; setup screen accessed. From there, I've set it to optain IP address automatically... . I've saved settings, turned off everything, restarted everything and I'm still at the stage where I can get to the setup screen but not the world wide web... .

When I go to 'network connections' (I have XP) it claims that the Ethernet connection is 'connected' if that helps... . Any ideas of things I could try please...?

  Ashrich 22:58 24 Sep 2006

Both the modem and the router are using DHCP , try disabling it on one of them ( router may be better ) as you only need one of them to do it . Try that to see if it helps .


  ade.h 23:10 24 Sep 2006

That's right; you can't use DHCP on both, but that sort of fact should be in the Linksys manual as it's pretty important.

  Rioja 12:57 25 Sep 2006

If you're still having problems have a look a this thread:-

click here

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