How to connect two PC's together?

  Janet-201707 18:11 20 Jul 2004

Is it possible to connect two PC's together and how would I go about it. I am not bothered about Internet connection, just access to scanner and printer.


  Podsville 18:19 20 Jul 2004

Check both pc's have a spare pci slot. Buy a couple of NIC (network interface cards) and a length of crossover cable. Bung the cards in follow install instructions for drivers then set up network. Maplin do a Networking kit contaning all you need for about £15. or you can buy from Dabs or even PC World. This is assuming your two pc's are within reasonable distance and that a cable can be run from one to tother.
Good luck P

  kjrider 18:29 20 Jul 2004

How much do you want to use the scanner and printer? If your PCs have ethernet, get a crossover cable - quite cheap, or null modem cables.

If its only occasional use, use a USB dongle or memory card, to transfer stuff across. Just works like a big floppy disc. Or you could use CD-RW discs if you have CD writers.

Hvae fun


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