How to connect Router + Modem

  GBL 20:25 22 Oct 2007

My daughter has a problem in that her new computer has Vista installed on it and the Thompson ST 330 Speedtouch modem will not install I have tried with the updated driver but it will not extract the files, so today she has bought a Zyxel wireless cable router from Curry's who say that is what she needs and it is easy to install. Not the case, there is only the one cable which is removable on the modem and that is the USB power cable. Help please.

  Si_L 20:30 22 Oct 2007

Please post model number. Ta

  GBL 20:31 22 Oct 2007

nbg 334w

  skidzy 20:32 22 Oct 2007

The Speedtouch will install on Vista,im currently using the exact model you have posted on a Vista machine.

You can use the Vista driver,but the xp driver works also,the only problem is the software will not retain the isp password,this has to be entered manually everytime you want to connect.

  GBL 20:36 22 Oct 2007

Sorry but it won't, even Virgin Media advise the use of a Router

  FreeCell 20:36 22 Oct 2007

There seems to be some confusion here. The Speedtouch 330 is an ADSL modem which would have been used to connect broadband over the telephone line. But you say Curry's recommended a "cable router". That would not be compatible with ADSL broadband. Can you give a model number for the Zyxel router?

You can't connect a cable router to an ADSL modem which is what it sounds you are trying to do. You need an ADSL modem/router and should get Curry's to exchange it if they recommended the wrong product.
click here
Note this says for BT connections. This would connect directly as a replacement for the Speedtouch 330.

  GBL 20:39 22 Oct 2007

nbg 334w is the Zyxel router

  skidzy 20:43 22 Oct 2007

As freecell says and some more info click here

When installing the ST330 do NOT connect the usb cable until you have installed the should be prompted.

If you wish to try the Vista driver,make sure the xp driver is removed from device manager first and reboot the computer.
When asked for the driver,point the request to the Vista driver.
(save this to your desktop for ease of use)

ST330 Vista driver click here

  FreeCell 20:43 22 Oct 2007

nbg 334w is a cable router as you said, but is your trying to use broadband over the telephone line? If so it is the wrong router.

  FreeCell 20:45 22 Oct 2007

geoffy, sorry that should have said "is your daughter trying to use broadband over the telephone line?"

  GBL 20:47 22 Oct 2007

We agree with you on that thanks, it will go back tomorrow.

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