How to connect my Pc to my Hd TV

  julius44 06:35 22 Aug 2009

hello there, i have a dell 5150 pentium 4 pc that runs Xp...that i purchased about January 2006...this is it here click here
.I upgraded it to 2Gb ram, and it works perfectly and ive gotten external speakers for it. Last year I purchased summer I puchased a samsung Tv and this is the link here

click here

I know that it says in my Tv manual that i can connect it to a pc....but i'm not too sure with the specs of my 4 year old desktop that i can connect them both. If i can i just need to know what wires i'll need....and i may need a longer wire...but all i need to know is with the specs of my dimension 5150....that i'll be able to connect this to my samsung tv. thanks

  accordion 06:48 22 Aug 2009

If you intend to use the TV as if it was a monitor for your PC, then the spec won't matter too much, it's only the video card that counts.

You'll need an HDMI lead, and the best way to get advice on which lead is to phone a supplier. Why not call this supplier and ask for advice: click here

You don't even have to buy from them .......


  gel 07:03 22 Aug 2009

If it is of any help I have just connected my lap top to my TV using a SVGA cable
Cost about £6 from amazon

  julius44 07:09 22 Aug 2009

hello accordion, thanks for the link....BUT u said that i'll needan HDMI link....but my desktop does not support HDMi anyway. I have 2 spare HDMI cables, and i bought those as extras to connect my surround sound system, and my PS3 to my hdmi tv....i dont really want to use the tv as a monitor....its just that from to time i'd like to watch things from my pc via my all i need is what wire i'll need to connect from a desktop that has no hdmi my hdtv. At the back of my tv...i noticed that there is a PC in connection.......

  julius44 07:28 22 Aug 2009

Hi gel, thanks for that....was it very straightforward....and also what extra connection slot will i need at the back of my desktop pls??

  Technotiger 07:37 22 Aug 2009

I have the smaller 'brother' to your 32" Samsung - mine is very similar but is 22". I use it as a TV and as a PC Monitor - connected to PC via normal VGA cable (blue plugs).

click here

  Technotiger 07:42 22 Aug 2009

This is mine in action as a PC Monitor ...

click here

  Technotiger 07:44 22 Aug 2009

PS - click on picture to enlarge.

  julius44 07:46 22 Aug 2009

thanks i guess the wire is connected from the Pc in connection at the back of the tv then(blue plug)?? okay....but i have a dell dimension 5150 pentium 4 deskop.....and i have also just looked at it and realised there is a blue plug slot would just connect BOTH ends of the SVGA cable in this way please??

  Technotiger 08:03 22 Aug 2009

Hmm, just looked at the back of mine also (no particular make - home made) - my VGA cable is connected via a HDMI Adapter plug into my nVidia graphics card - I don't use the blue socket on the graphics card ..........

click here

click here

again, click on images to enlarge.

  Technotiger 08:31 22 Aug 2009

Ooops - Big Apologies ... I was getting mixed-up with HDMI-DVI. My connections, as seen in the pics are VGA cable via DVI/VGA adapter to Samsung TV/Monitor VGA.

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