How to connect my laptop to my TV

  Pineman100 11:44 17 Aug 2010

If possible, I'd like to be able to use my Samsung 37" LCD TV to view output from my Windows 7 laptop computer.

The computer has a VGA port and USB ports. The audio facilities consist simply of a microphone jack socket and a headphone jack socket.

The TV has "PC In" port, which looks exactly like a VGA connector, and this has a jack socket labelled "Audio" beside it.

I want to be sure what I'm doing before I try making a connection from the laptop to the computer.

If I connect the VGA port on the computer to the "PC In" port on the TV with a normal VGA cable, I presume that this will transfer the computer's video output to the TV screen - but no audio. Is that right?

If so, then presumably I need to connect the headphone jack socket on the computer to the "Audio" jack socket on the TV, in order to get both video and audio from the laptop on the TV.

Is that all correct? Are there any wrinkles or potential problems that I should know about?

I'll be most grateful for any advice.

  Graphicool1 11:49 17 Aug 2010
  Pineman100 12:06 17 Aug 2010

Thanks very much, Graphicool. That video was very informative (and irritating in a uniquely American way!!)

It didn't answer one question (or if it did I missed it) - does the VGA connection from the laptop to the TV also carry audio, or is it video only? If the latter, I presume I would then need the jack-to-jack cable for audio?

  Ian in Northampton 13:02 17 Aug 2010

The VGA connection doesn't carry audio, so you'll need to connect the audio separately.
You may also need to look out for how to get your laptop to output to the VGA cable. On most laptops, it's 'Function' plus another key that enables you to toggle between laptop, TV or both.

  Ian in Northampton 13:04 17 Aug 2010

Oh, and you'll probably need to look on your TV's menu system to enable 'PC in' - you do on mine, anyway. Probably the same menu that allows you to select from your other AV inputs. It should be pretty straightforward.

  Graphicool1 13:14 17 Aug 2010

"irritating in a uniquely American way"
Mmm it has to be said that I concur, but then I'm not an american. Had I have been I might see it in a slightly different way!

Regarding..."It didn't answer one question (or if it did I missed it)" are allowed to watch the video more than once. Or are just wanting me to have to suffer it again?

However, because I'm a glutton for punishment, I did watch it again, - on your behalf - the things I have to do for PCA and they don't even pay me!

At the very begining it says...
You will need a...
'VGA 15 pin connector cable'
or an...
'S-Video cable and mini to RCA Audio cable'
or a...
'Wireless Convertor'

The short anwer is 'YES'

Another link, and if you scroll down, another video, but this time minus the annoying American here

  Graphicool1 13:19 17 Aug 2010

Please disregard - The short anwer is 'YES' - as I erred on the side of insanity. There is a shorter answer and as Ian in Northampton has said that is 'NO'.

  Pineman100 15:51 17 Aug 2010

I think I've got that clear now, so I'm going to take the computer into the living room later and try it "live"!

It'll be interesting to see how I get on, and I will post back the result.

Many thanks again (specially to Graphicool1 for his self-sacrifice in watching the video twice!).

  Pineman100 15:52 18 Aug 2010

All went perfectly! Many thanks so much for your help.

I watched a BBC iPlayer programme on my TV last night. The resolution was a bit iffy compared with an off-air broadcast, but I'm sure that's only to be expected with a compressed file.

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