How to connect my laptop to my desk top??

  Hedontownee 06:23 13 Jul 2009

The question is can I network my laptop with my desktop so that I can use and save files etc from one to the other
My desktop is connected to the internet via Netgear Router with a cable
the laptop is also using the Netgear wirelessly
How can I make the two machines "talk" to each other? Tranfer files etc
There must be a Howto somewhere to show how this is done
Can you help please
Thanks in advance

  mgmcc 08:05 13 Jul 2009

If both computers are connected to your router for internet access, then they are already "networked" for "File & Printer sharing".

There is a Networking wizard in Control Panel, although some of its options are (IMHO) confusing. All you actually need to do is to right click those folders you want to have available over the network and select the "Sharing & Security" option. Similarly, set any Printer(s) you want to have available as Shared. Printer sharing click here

If you are running Firewall software such as Zone Alarm, this will need to be configured to allow access to the networked computers, which may involve adding their IP addresses in a "trusted" section.

  Hedontownee 15:53 13 Jul 2009

Thanks to mgmcc so far
I must be having a bad day
Lets start again
The Host is the Desktop running Vista Home Basic
The "Client" is the laptop using Vista Home Premium
The Router is Netgear DG834G
The host is connected to the router via cable
the laptop is connected wirelessly to the router
I would like to be able to use both computers
ie transfer files from one to tother!!!
Also use the printer plugged in to the Host comp to print docs etc wether from the host or the client
The printer is HP Deskjet F2200 USB to Host
Can we do a blow by blow please
I just dont seem to be able to get the hang of it yet
Many thanks in advance

  mgmcc 20:53 13 Jul 2009

Firstly, when using a router, all of the computers connect to the router for their internet and “Local Area Network” access. All computers have an equal status in the network – there is no Host computer or Client computer, although obviously a shared Printer does need to be hosted by one of the computers in the network.

In each computer, go into the “Network and Sharing Center” and ensure you have set “On”…

- Network Discovery
- File Sharing
- Public Folder Sharing

Now, for each folder that you want to have available over the network, right click it and select “Share”. You then need to set the permissions. I’d suggest to get started that, from the drop-down menu, you select Guest and click Add, then select Everyone and click Add. This should let you access the shared folder from “Network” (My Network Places) in the other PC.

Give that a try and see how you get on.

  Hedontownee 06:34 14 Jul 2009

OK mgmcc thanks for your patient advice
Your last info applied..the only thing that was'nt set to "on" was "Public sharing"
Thats now sorted
Now When I try to access a computer from Network I am asked for a name and password??
I dont remember setting a password cos I'm the only user here anyway???
I am Administrator on both machines
How to proceed ?????
By the way
The printer still is only accessible from the desktop. I 've tried accessing from the laptop but it shows no printer installed
Your further advice will be very much appreciated
thanks in advance

  Hedontownee 08:27 14 Jul 2009

OK now I'm making progress
Have changed the password required to off
The printer is now working on both machines
Just need to check that I have access to the files I want to use on both machines
Watch this space

  mgmcc 08:41 14 Jul 2009

>>> Now When I try to access a computer from
>>> Network I am asked for a name and password?

The "Username" is the name in the Account you're logged in with. If you open "Computer", in the folder tree at the left the first item is Desktop and immediately under that is a name - that's the Username. If there is no Password set for the account, leave the field blank and click OK.

>>> The printer still is only accessible from the
>>> desktop. I've tried accessing from the laptop
>>> but it shows no printer installed

Did you follow the instructions *exactly* in the page I linked to in my original posting? The printer needs to be connected to, and installed in, the Laptop in the normal way. Then reconnect it to the desktop PC and follow the procedure to install it as a "network printer" in the Laptop.

  Hedontownee 08:58 14 Jul 2009

And Finally I hope!!!
Yes the printer was installed using your amended instruction on your web page ..Thanks for that
Just need to sort out which files are accessible
Could well be that files on desktop may be using progs not on the laptop
So that might be a prob
A version of Office or something similar???
and make sure that progs are the same on each machine!!!!
But I will clarify that
Thanks once again for your expert help

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