How to connect to internet?

  Shorty123 12:03 29 Jul 2005

My sister is visiting from China and has brought her laptop. We need to get it on the internet to get the latest updates for spybot etc and clean it up. She has, in the past in the UK, installed an AOL disc where you get 30 days free trial, then cancelled it when she moved to China. Would our best bet be to install another AOL disc (she cannot remember her password etc from last time, it was 2 years ago). Alternatively, I have wanadoo broadband, is it possible to install my broadband on her laptop then swop the modem about? Would prefer to go the AOL route if anyone knows if this would be ok.
Thanks in advance.

  Magik ®© 12:12 29 Jul 2005

do you really want to fill her laptop with all the AOL rubbish, just load her PC with your wanadoo software, then just take it all out later, and set a restore point....

  Shorty123 12:26 29 Jul 2005

Thanks for that Magik, but if she doesn't care about having the AOL stuff on (which she says she doesn't), do you know if its possible for her to get another 30 days free trial with a new aol freebie disc? Cheers.....I am trying to avoid crawling round the back of my tower several times a day to keep swapping the modem over...

  anchor 13:37 29 Jul 2005

Another possibility is to use this service. No registration needed, and local rates.

click here

  Shorty123 13:39 29 Jul 2005

Thanks for that anchor but we'd prefer free!

  Magik ®© 13:47 29 Jul 2005

dont think you can use the freebie twice, you could always get another usb lead for the other PC, then just pull it out from the modem end..

  anchor 13:59 29 Jul 2005

Yes, free is best, (lol).

I feel sure Magik ®© is correct about the AOL free trial. One go only!.

His suggestion about the USB lead is probably the best way to go. You would then need to configure her laptop to connect via your Wanadoo account.

  Shorty123 14:47 29 Jul 2005

Ok thanks Magik and anchor

  Shorty123 14:53 29 Jul 2005

Please bear with me I am thick!!! Can I just unplug my wanadoo broadband modem and use my wanadoo broadband disc and install it on her pc and plug the modem into her pc? Will it still work when I plug the modem back into my pc???
Thanks you very much

  Magik ®© 16:20 29 Jul 2005

in a word "yes" which is what i an doing at the moment with two laptops, owing to the fact that my wireless adsl router has gone down the kermit.

  anchor 16:55 29 Jul 2005

I agree. No problem when you return it back to your PC.

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