how to connect 2 computers, one wireless, one not, to the net at once? one wireless router

  theDarkness 19:45 07 Sep 2009

how to connect 2 computers, one wireless, one not, to the net at once? I have one wireless router, only the 1st pc can use the wireless router, which is connected downstairs to the main phone line connection. the 2nd pc has to use the standard upstairs phone line with a standard phone cable. so whats the easiest way to get both pcs connecting at the same time? will i need a wireless adapter of some sort on the 2nd pc, or is there another way around the problem? thanks. One is xp, the wireless one is vista

  mgmcc 20:54 07 Sep 2009

You need to install a "Wireless Network Adapter" in the upstairs PC, so that it can connect "wirelessly" to the Router downstairs for its internet access.

I have one of these click here which I've found to be very reliable.

  theDarkness 16:36 08 Sep 2009

thanks for the link! Just a couple of questions- if the upstairs pc i need the wireless adapter for is a desktop system with xp, and the downstairs system is a laptop (vista with wireless built in), could that cause any compatibility issues? the only other thing i am wondering about is your recommended adapter- noticed its usb. Since the pc i need the adapter for is a desktop system, would i be better off with a pci version of the same adapter? I have heard usb wireless can be unreliable at times compared to pci. Or should it not matter and give a similar signal strength/speed in comparison? I was in pc world today, their pci wireless adapters seem to go up to £50, although im not sure if they can all be used to connect to any router. The router i have is a HUAWEI echolife HG520b adsl 2+ model. thanks

  mgmcc 20:25 08 Sep 2009

The fact that one computer is a Desktop and the other a Laptop is immaterial. It also doesn't make any difference what operating system they are using.

I actually have both PCI and USB Wireless Network Adapters and to be honest haven't found any significant difference in performance. I particularly like the Belkin USB dongle because it has worked faultlessly with Windows 98SE, Windows 2000, Windows XP Home & Pro, Vista, Mac OS X and SuSE Linux - I just cannot fault it.

  theDarkness 12:50 09 Sep 2009

i think the one above's transfer speed is up to 54mbps (model F5D7050UK). I wonder if the 'UK' is referring to the fact that some adapters on ebay (without the 'uk' in the model name) might not be uk comnpatible, although thats perhaps very unlikely! The 7050 model is also on ebay from various sellers for a tenner (supposedly straight from the manufacturers) but without the stand, which I thought wouldve been quite important for a good signal. theres also an F5D7051 model with speeds up to 125Mbps at the same price, although 2nd hand/refurbished only. Ill guess the far greater speed is only going to be useful when transferring files wirelessly from one pc to another, rather than for any net use?.. thanks, think i might just give the belkin usb a go.

  theDarkness 23:20 11 Sep 2009

update:- i managed to find the exact same adapter in maplin today, £19.99, G model. Was your model a G or G+? I think the G+ gives more range and is potentially faster, but I see no difference in using my model or my land line. I bought the basic G model. I mean that as a good thing, lol! The most current version does not include the little stand rather annoyingly, but its working absolutely fine, thanks for the tip.

Is it possible to buy a stand seperately for my belkin network adapter, or general usb devices, when connecting any to a desktop pc? The adapter is slightly bulky, and since I have all 3 other slots full, is a tight squeeze, lol

  mgmcc 06:38 12 Sep 2009

Any USB "extension" lead (Type "A"Male to type "A" female) will do, but don't get a standard Type "A" to Type "B" USB cable.

  theDarkness 12:47 12 Sep 2009

ok, will look it up for the cables required :) its strange why the latest xp/vista G model does not include the stand for it at all-although perhaps it doesnt really doesnt make a huge difference in picking up the signal, and now only included if you buy the more expensive G+, tsk-lol. im guessing the stronger/larger range signal G+ version is only useful if wanting a good connection in a much larger household/house next door situation, or very large office, as Im seeing no difference with the standard G in speed when comparing it to the landline via standard cables, so that can only be a good thing.

hopefully this device will last a good while, reading the many negative reviews on both the G and G+ giving up after a short period of use on amazon doesnt give me much hope-i thought belkin were a very good well known brand ;) although ill bet its probably more of a user/firewall issue than the usb stick failing in most cases


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