How to clear some of the RAM on your back up drive

  drtyjerz 05:41 21 Mar 2008

I recently restored my HP laptop DV6000 to its factory setting. As it was loading up I noticed the back up files are completely full with no space available. How can I delete some of the space on the RAM. My laptop ran very slow before I restored the factory settings and I think it has something to do with the available RAM.

  jack 08:49 21 Mar 2008

I suspect your are at the very least confusing terms
and it is best get this out of the way before addressing your problem.

RAM is Random Access Memory - there is nothing stored there- this simply holds data whilst being processed and one powered down all data fades away.

Back up files if that is what you mean
[though once more I am not sure I get your drift] has two options - if you want to keep them - then burn them to a CD
If they are not important to you - delete them.

Can you describe in more detail what you are seeing.
But are you sure they are 'backup files'?

  drtyjerz 09:07 21 Mar 2008

I have the local C drive that has everything in it and still have about 85 Gigs free. Then I have the back up driver (I think its D) that is full with no free space. I want to free up that driver but I don't know how. I was under the impression that was the RAM but I could have been wrong. My computer seems to run very slow. Well not since I restored it to factory settings. But the D drive is full again and I just restored the laptop. Does this help any

  jack 09:24 21 Mar 2008

C drive is the system - change nothing there.
D drive contains files you have created.
You can simply delete them or retain them according to your needs.
So on a one by one basis examine a file, if you do not want it right click then click delete.
On block simply drag the mouse with the left button held down to highlight a particular group then right click and press delete.
If you wish to retain files -you may do so off machine by burning to a CD.
Then delete from the drive

  jack 09:26 21 Mar 2008

Empty the trash.

It will be a good ides to down load a program called CCleaner[Type that name into Google]
Look for the FREE download version from 'File Hippo'
Run this program weekly an keep the machine sweet.

  Zak 09:28 21 Mar 2008

How big is the D drive?

How much free space left?

You most probably have one hard disk in your laptop and it has been partitioned into two drives.

Folders on D drive created by you?

Also consider purchasing an external hard drive for backing up your data.

  drtyjerz 09:39 21 Mar 2008

I recently bought a 500 gig external hard drive. I tried to delete the files on the D drive but kept getting a warning about deleting system files. I'll look into that CCleaner. I'm at work right now so can't download anything. I do only have one hard drive and it does partition to those two drives. I would like to change this if possible. The D drive is full and I just restored to factory settings. Not sure if this is something that the laptops does by default. As far as folders on the D drive, I haven't created any. Again I just restored to factory settings.

  Zak 10:18 21 Mar 2008

Drive D is your Recovery Partition

In any case I think that you should stick with the original set up and not remove the drive D partition. There may well now be files there saved in error

Please have a read here and hopefully it will help to solve your problem.

If all files appear to be correctly there then I suggest you post asking for someone with same laptop and same drive capacity to let you know the size of their drive D partition.

click here


click here


click here
click here

Someone else was having problems slightly different, you may find useful reading:

click here

In error I posted on that link as well!!

  drtyjerz 10:57 21 Mar 2008

Thanks I'll check it out when I get home. The first link has some good info on it. I believe is my issue

  drtyjerz 07:35 22 Mar 2008

I backed up everything onto my external hard drive. Deleted the contents in the D drive and so far everything seems to work fine. Thank you to everyone who helped with this issue. I really appreciate it.

  Zak 10:59 22 Mar 2008

Just out of interest, do you still have the Recovery partition intact with the Recovery Folder
and HP Backup and Recovery Manager in the Control Panel Add or Remove Programs utility?

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