How to clear a Retrospect External Hard Drive.

  1936 22:33 16 Jan 2009

I want to clear everything that I have on my Retrospect External Hard Drive but do not know how. I tried to use the On Line Help facility but it seems to have disappeared.

  MAJ 23:33 16 Jan 2009

Isn't Retrospective only the backup software? What is the make and model of the hard drive? You should be able to just format the drive in the normal manner.

  1936 00:07 17 Jan 2009

Problem is that I am not that computer literate so do not know how to format the external hard drive.
The other question is that I ma not sure that Retrospect is that good. I have just tried to update it on line, went into help and from there clicked update and nothing happened as though they had gone on holiday so I wonder if there is a good user friendly software package out there.

  MAJ 00:18 17 Jan 2009

Are you using a Macintosh, if so, which operating system is it using, Leopard, Tiger, etc.?

Macs aren't my thing I'm afraid. but this link click here might help until a Mac user comes along. If you are going to format the drive, make sure any important files you have on it are backed up somewhere safe and you can retrieve them easily.

  1936 10:20 17 Jan 2009

I use XP

  Zeppelyn 16:36 17 Jan 2009

Retrospect is just a back up program that comes with certain external drives, Iomega for one, its quite good actually. Right click your drive in My Computer and select format to clear it.

  1936 16:52 17 Jan 2009

Cracked it and then I thought that I had set it up to do a back up or shpould I say duplicate and when I came back in the external hard drive was full so I formatted it again and now I will have another go.

  1936 17:05 17 Jan 2009

I just checked the size of the External hard drive and found it was only 275GB which would have been enough when I bought it a yera or so ago.
However, although my C drive is only 81GB the new drive that I had put itto the computer a year ago to put my photographs and videos into is 214GB a total of 295GB so it looks as though I need to buy a new external drive for backing up.
Any sugestions would be welcome with the proviso that I would prefer an uncomplicated set up.

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