How clean is your computer?

  hddwm 09:58 24 Jan 2008

Hello All

I am sure the question has been asked before,but what is your weekly/monthly routine for keeping your machine running quickly and efficiently?
What programs/applications do you use?
Is freeware as effective as paid for software?
I use AVG 7.5 Spybot S/d and also have system mechanic.
Would be interesting to see who use's what.

Any feedback appreciated

  sunny staines 12:35 24 Jan 2008

run CCleaner before closing pc down each night.

nav2007 & spyware terminator schedule scan each day.

iobit smartdefrag always running in background.

other spyware [spybot & adaware2007] run full scan on def updates.

once a month run reg cleaners [eusing or winaso], reg defrag [auslogics], full hdd defrag[iobit], superantispyawre, then clone the drive with GHOST as a back up.

after install of new programs / updateds run iobit awc2 and glary utilities.

  sunny staines 12:37 24 Jan 2008

clean the dust from the inside of the case whenever i have a reason to open the case.

  Totally-braindead 15:08 24 Jan 2008

Give it a wipe with a duster every week, clean out the inside every 6 months or so, more if I happen to be in it for something.
Use Ccleaner every couple of weeks. Have AVG free and scan maybe once a week, same with Superantispyware and AdAware.
All free and my PC runs perfectly, no viruses or malware.
Oh and every month or so look at what programs are on the PC that I don't use and delete as necessary and defrag every 2-4 weeks.

You ask if paid for programs are better than freebies and thats a question that usually starts an arguement from those that run free progs and those that purchase progs.
My take, if you use a bit of common sense and don't go to dodgy sites and download only from well known sources then the freebies are fine.
In tests where the freebies have been compared to bought AV programs the free ones have sometimes beat some of the bought for ones.
I see no reason to buy an anti virus program but if I was to do so then the only ones I would personally use would either be Kaspersky or NOD32(which I think is renamed now). Both get good reviews, do well on the tests and don't dramatically slow things up.
But the free ones do me, I haven't even seen a virus in nearly 2 years on my PC at least.

  skidzy 20:29 24 Jan 2008
  Ashrich 22:32 24 Jan 2008

Nod32 on demand scanner one a week , Spyware Doctor scans every day , I need nothing more , haven't come across anything yet that either of these can't fix ...Totally-Braindead , the new suite of Nod32 v3 , Firewall and Anti Spyware is called Eset Smart Security , the Anti virus on it's own still goes by the name of Nod32 . I have just renewed my subscription to Nod32 , for 2 PC's it cost just £ 24.80 ( that was with renewal discount ) very cheap for peace of mind and excellent protection .


  wis 00:01 25 Mar 2008

good chat lads but lets remeber the hackers
are always one in front new scams every day
paid or free do you get regular updates to
keep up food for thought

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