How to clean LCD monitor

  Mabinogion 22:55 22 Dec 2006

I have an Acer 19" LCD Monitor and when there is a white background I can now see all the dirty marks, I try to keep it covered when not in use but need to clean it now.
When I bought the monitor back in the summer from 'Comits'the sales assistant sold me two little bottles of 'Monter Screen Clean'£14.99 but it's only now I have read what it says and there isn't any real instructions only to spray it onto the cloth provided using a circular motion etc but it doesn't say what sort of screens it cleans. It says cleans like no other glass cleaners (but nothing about LCD's)so has anyone used the cleaner I have mentioned?

  Mabinogion 22:56 22 Dec 2006

I should have said (tried to edit but no edit button)

  Forum Editor 23:30 22 Dec 2006

to clean my screens, and it works perfectly. It's far more important to be careful about the cleaning cloth that you use to wipe the screen. Make sure it's a soft one - a washed yellow duster is ideal, or a small piece of clean chamois leather. Coarse cloths will eventually cover the screen with a mass of microscopic scratches.

  lotvic 23:36 22 Dec 2006

Monster Screen Clean click here
""Safe, alcohol-free formula is ideal for cleaning LCDs.""

  rawprawn 10:53 23 Dec 2006

Soft damp cloth, damp not wet.

  Andsome 11:04 23 Dec 2006

I have always used BREATH and an old well worn handkerchief. I now use a special cleaner from Choice Stationery Supplies.

  anchor 12:00 23 Dec 2006

FE: Any particular brand you suggest I get?.

  Mabinogion 02:30 07 Jan 2007

Thanks for your replies and will use the one I mentioned in my message above it seems it has a good name.
Thanks again.

  Mabinogion 02:32 07 Jan 2007

Not sure if I did tick the 'resolved box or not' sorry for being a bit dippy it's my age.

  freaky 11:34 07 Jan 2007

I did a thread on this some months a bottle of Crystal Lens Cleaner and some Micro-fibre cleaning cloths from your local Optician.

Then lightly spray the screen and wipe with the cloth, no smearing or problem with lint on the screen....does a great job.

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