How To Clean The CPU

  JayDay 15:36 26 Aug 2006

I am purchasing a new heatsink and fan which comes with a tube of silver compound.

The old heatsink has traces of old silicone compound on it and I think it needs a good clean before using the new heatsink and compound. I've looked about and seen numerous cleaning products mentioned - Isopropyl Alcohol, Meths, Acetone, Surgical Spirit, Vodka, Brandy!

I think Isopropyl Alcohol sounds the best but not sure how easy it will be to source in the small town I live. What would be a good alternative?

What is the best way to clean the CPU? I was planning on using a cotton bud dipped in the cleaning solution.

  Fingees 15:44 26 Aug 2006

Use a lint free cloth, moistened with alcohol.

Wrap the cloth round your finger
A hard rub will not harm it.

Try to keep it off the circuit.

You should be OK

  JayDay 15:47 26 Aug 2006

Thanks for that. Would Surgical Spirit be ok if I can't get hold of Isopropyl Alcohol?

  Fingees 15:55 26 Aug 2006

Yes or a bit of Meths. something that doesn't leave a residue.

  Fingees 15:58 26 Aug 2006

Don't overdo the silicon compound, it's only required to fill in the microscopic gaps present when the two pieces of the metal heatsink/CPU are together.

  SANTOS7 15:59 26 Aug 2006

Isopropyl Alcohol or meths can be obtained from good chemists, you need a cleaning agent that does not leave a film behind and completely evaporates
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  greenlamp 22:51 26 Aug 2006

Both surgical spirit and methylated spirit will leave a residue, I don't know off hand what's added to surgical spirit but it leaves an oily residue, methylated spirit has alkyl pyridines added to make it unpalatable and a purple dye. If all else fails the liquid sold with audio tape head cleaning kits is usually isopropanol and doesn't leave a residue.

  gudgulf 23:11 26 Aug 2006

I find this method works well with my keyboard..I'm sure that by removing the pc side it could be adapted to clean the interior of the pc click here

Remember to unplug from the mains first!

  woodchip 23:14 26 Aug 2006

Isopropyl Alcohol comes from a £1 shop with a CD cleaning disc

  woodchip 23:15 26 Aug 2006

It should have a small bottle on the card

  ed-0 23:20 26 Aug 2006

the wifes nail varnish remover.

never had a problem yet.

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