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  KosNic 06:08 18 Jan 2003
  KosNic 06:08 18 Jan 2003

I rec'd incredible help last year from here so thought I'd try my luck again. After being advised to perhaps wait until the new year to purchase my computer I did just that. I'll be getting a Pentium 4 2.4ghz+ but I want fairly good quality components that are compatible. With my limited knowledge of computers I believe the motherboard is the basis of it all & should therefore be a good one. I thought an intel m/board might be suitable but, as with all brands, there are so many models to choose from. Could any body recommend any m/boards please. Will get either rdram or ddr333 (not sure if one is worth the extra money). Hope to get a GeForce Ti4200 video card. I'd appreciate any advice on anything. Computer is for home use only & nothing fancy with kids playing the odd games.
Thanks in anticipation
p.s. (do u think any m/board purchased now, should support rdram for future memory upgrades?)

  AMD 4 ever 08:56 18 Jan 2003


Well you will need the Socket 478 Base and the choices are wide and many, Top Brands are ASUS,Gigabyte,MSI...then how much do you want to spend as I believe this is one area if you can afford it not to skrimp on money?!

Most definately need DDR 333, RD Ram does offer a good increase,but I'll be honest and challenge anyone to say that they can actually see a visible difference in day to day stuff. This also is an area where you get a difference, try for good branded Ram, Crucial, Samsung,etc...

  temp003 09:14 18 Jan 2003

I was wondering the other day what happened to your intended purchase. Now I see.

For your choice of P4 2.4GHz and possibly Intel motherboard: I still suggest DDR, better value and even Intel is half giving up on RDRAM.

There are 2 versions of the 2.4GHz. If you decide to use DDR333, I suggest you get the one with a front side bus of 533MHz (which is called 2.4B GHz). The slightly older version runs on a FSB of 400MHz. You will get better performance out of the DDR333 with a FSB of 533MHz than the FSB of 400MHz.

The only thing new coming out of Intel since you last posted is the Intel chipset 845PE, which officially supports DDR333, to be used with their 533 FSB CPUs.

The chipset also supports hyper-threading (which only the latest 3.06GHz P4 has - don't worry about it, it's way too expensive); USB 2.0, ATA-100, AGPx4, which is all fine for the things you want.

Although you'll be paying extra for the hyper-threading thing which you can't use, I think it's still worth getting this chipset, for its official DDR333 support and the usual Intel reliability, and not have to worry about fiddling with BIOS/CMOS settings - peace of mind.

Intel makes 2 ATX (6 PCI expansion slots)motherboards with this chipset - the D845PESVL has integrated LAN, the D845PESV without LAN. Integrated Audio. Only 2 sockets for DDR memory.

All major motherboard makers have released boards for this chipset. The Asus P4PE series have various optional add-ons such as serial-ATA/ATA-133 and firewire 1394 to choose from.

Gigabyte has the GA-8PE667 series, with options of LAN and ATA133.

These should have 3 memory slots.

click here pick and requirements, and click "Show results" on the right to see what motherboards are on the market for your chosen platform.

  temp003 08:41 19 Jan 2003

Refresh for Kosnic

Kosnic, you might want to look at this thread which is asking the same question. click here

  siouxah1 13:26 19 Jan 2003

Upgraded a PC yesterday using the Intel P4 2.4B CPU.

This was married to an Aopen AX4PE Max mainboard.
Supports DDR SDRAM PC2700. Also has a plethora of other goodies at a reasonable price. In my opinion. Look here for details click here

The thing was it went together like a dream and came on line at first power up.

Regards Brian

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