How to check XP firewall activated?

  David-235429 19:27 12 Dec 2003

As a relatively new user of XP could someone please let me know how I can check that the firewall built in to XP is on. I think its supposed to be on by default but I would like to check.

Many thanks

  Beas-Knees 19:34 12 Dec 2003

Go into control panel,click on network connections,right click on your ISP and then click on properties,click on the advanced tab and you will find it in there.

  VoG II 19:36 12 Dec 2003

Start, Control Panel, Network and Internet Connections, Network Connections.

Click the Internet connection that you want to protect, and then, under Network Tasks, click Change settings of this connection.

On the Advanced tab, under Internet Connection Firewall, tick Protect my computer and network by limiting or preventing access to this computer from the Internet.

  TommyRed 19:40 12 Dec 2003

There's this site, Shields Up which will test your vulnerability to attack click here > I was using Outpost but couldn't close/stealth one of the ports so I installed ZoneAlarm, I had to disable XP's own firewall to do it. HTH TR

  David-235429 21:25 12 Dec 2003

Beas-Kneas & VoG, thanks for your comments. Have tried this but when I highlight my ISP (AOL) and right click I get the pick list but when clicking on "properties" nothing happens, curiously it also shows status as "disconnected" but I am on line!

When I click "change settings of this connection" under Network Tasks in the left hand column again nothing happens!

Any ideas?

  DAG88 21:48 12 Dec 2003

are you using broadband? Make sure you are not clicking your old dialup connection

  David-235429 21:51 12 Dec 2003

No I am on AOL 8.0 Dial up. I have also noted there was a similar thread here in the summer and that seems not to have been resolved either!

  GrahamP 21:55 12 Dec 2003

'When I click "change settings of this connection" under Network Tasks in the left hand column again nothing happens'

David, do you have administrator rights? If not you may need to sign on as administrator.

  David-235429 21:58 12 Dec 2003

I have checked "user accounts" in XP and I am "computer administrator"

  GrahamP 22:04 12 Dec 2003

'I am on AOL 8.0 Dial up'

Yes, I don't know why, but I found it impossible to check properties of an AOL (7 this time)
dial-up connection. This was on a friend's machine and I found dealing with AOL frustrating to say the least. There may be a way within AOL of checking.

Any AOL experts around?

  obbit 22:12 12 Dec 2003

xp firewall works in the background and doesn't let u know what is happening.

zonealarm informs you what programs are trying to access the internet and is more configurable

click here

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