how to check MD5

  gerriecah 19:09 16 Oct 2007

When I download a file, I am given an MD5 checksum to verify the data.
How do I use this checksum ???
What program do I use to check it ???

Never done this before, cannot say that I have needed to, until now. Downloaded a 650mb. file, but it does not compute. Maybe the program doesn't work, or maybe the download has missed a few bytes.

Gerrie C.

  bremner 19:51 16 Oct 2007

Use this click here to obtain the hash and compare against that given with the download

  gerriecah 20:36 16 Oct 2007

bremner ---- Many thanks for your assistance, have downloaded the program will have to study the docs. Hope that I can figure it out. Will get back if I cannot.

Many thanks, much appreciated.


Gerrie C.

  bremner 20:46 16 Oct 2007

It is really easy. Just choose Hash single file and drag and drop the file into the big window.

  gerriecah 17:53 17 Oct 2007

[B]bremner{/B] ---- Got to grips with the program. What I downloaded is an iso file, which Karen's program did not recognise. Burned the iso to disc, and checked out the folders and files. There are 33 files, one file is a text list of the individual files with individual MD5 codes for each file. Taking all the files as a group the MD5 result does not match the given MD5 code. Checking each individual file the MD5 codes all matched up with those in the text file, except one. That one is the actual MD5 text file, so this points to the fact that all the actual program files are OK, and as the MD5 text file has nothing to do with the program, the program should run OK, but it does not. The program is actually LinuxMint 3.01, it runs off the disc OK but when installed onto the drive, it fails to boot up correctly, and if it does get thru, it does not recognise the USB connexions. Seemingly this is a recognised fault. So bye-bye program. Back to Ubuntu 7.04, which is the original program but I liked the presentation of LinuxMint 3.01

Many thanks for your assistance, I have lerned something new so it was worth the hassle. Many thanks, your help is much appreciated.


Gerrie C.

  gerriecah 17:58 17 Oct 2007

bremner ---- learned or learnt, not lerned. Typo error

Gerrie C.

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